Song Writing…

So after spending too much time doing that old craft of setting Bach to Moog Synthesizer, I have started to actually write my own music again. Sort of… But there are consequences.

I have written about this many times, but I have a difficult time being deeply involved in more than one art (craft). If I am deep into visual arts, and I mean really studying it, not just a few quick sketches or creating a book cover for my latest, I am not deep into writing or writing new music. The same with writing a book. The deeper I am into it, the less time I have for music.

And then there are transition zones. This is when I am switching gears. I might suddenly jump into a project in a new art and devote all of my attention to it. When I am done, though, I pretty much have to push myself to continue or I will snap back into whatever I was doing before that project. At some point, that “new art” will become my “current art”. That time between is the transition zone where I might go either way.

As I’ve said, I am transitioning out of writing. Yes, I will continue to write, but until I am firmly established into my music, it will be sporadic. Once I have settled into music, I will most likely continue to write, but at a slower pace.

Anyway, I am working on some original music right now. Hopefully it is good! In the mean time, as I work on it, I will post a little ditty I did last week. This is “Transitions”, though I named the video “Techno Transitions” and you may even see the working title, “Techno Tests”. It is in a sort of Techno-pop style and to me seems to be a good, instrumental transition between two vocal songs. What do you think?

(Click here if you don’t see the video below)

I hope you enjoyed the Transition!

16 thoughts on “Song Writing…

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  3. WildChild47

    I’m curious, since clearly your musically talented and inclined. :D Do you also play piano? I was wondering whether you did and whether you’ve ever had the chance to translate something you’ve composed on the synthesizer to the piano, or vice versa? And if you’ve done so, what experience/feeling it offers. To be sure, there’s a difference in sound, but does the music, especially if it’s your own composition, then morph into something “other” – if you know what I mean?
    And what other instruments do you play? You mentioned drums in the comments. Anything else?

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, I do play piano, but am not great at it. Back in the early 2000s I composed “classical” music and a few times did a piano version and a full orchestra version of the same thing, and it would be very different. I do want to do synth versions of some of my piano music, but have only done a few things so far. The best example is two things I did from a series of miniatures, which you can hear both piano and synth versions here: I pretty much play “keyboard”, but on the computer that means everything… And I have a drum machine, which I am still learning and often play by hand instead of automated, like it is supposed to be…

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      1. WildChild47

        Thanks for sharing – and wow, that’s pretty interesting. Funny how things translate or don’t, but then again, not really. It seems to me that’s often the case in creative acts. And most importantly, as long as you enjoy what you do and are happily exploring and composing, then it’s all part of a larger process, and these efforts all add up. So be content, and compose on! :D

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