Between the Worlds #abhanga

golden glow fills the sky
the world holds its breath tight
it is not day nor night
we wait the word

is it the end or start?
in the transition zone
do we face it alone?
the sky ignores

time now seems to stand still
soon the story is told
and the future unfold
for now we wait


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week was a specific form and Colleen chose the Abhanga. I will let you go to her page for what this form is about ;) And, yes, I do not tell you if I am experiencing sunset or sunrise…

42 thoughts on “Between the Worlds #abhanga

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  3. WildChild47

    lovely for the wonderful sense of “pause” — those moments of neither this/that – just caught in the web/net of breath in/out …. it’s really a tremendous sense, most especially at dawn/dusk … the in-between, where things aren’t quite solidified just yet …. holds possibilities, in all directions …. great “suspended animation” Trent!

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