Island #writephoto

Island – Image by KL Caley

“Avast, Matey!”

“Come on, Tom…”

“Captain Tom!”

“…Captain Tom, your honor, sir, I know Matt has been getting pretty fat lately and must out-mass an elephant by now, but isn’t calling him “vast” a little mean spirited?  I mean, just asking…”

“Shut up Kyle.  OK, let’s launch the ship…”

“The SS Sinker.”

“…The Dread Pirate Ship Black Skull!”

“Ouch!  What the Hell, Tom, didn’t you guys bend any nails when you pounded this garbage heap together?”

“Of course not.  Me and Matt left them out in case we’re attacked by frogmen when out on the high seas.”

“Ha!  Great thinking Einstein Juniors!  Something highly likely in this sewage seep!”

“Shut up Kyle, and get on board.”

“On board the boards?  Great wit.  Hey!  It’s sinking!  I told you my name is more appropriate than yours!  Maybe if we kick Matt off, we can stay afloat.”

“Shut up Kyle.  It will last through our perilous journey!”

“Where are you going?”

“We are headed to Treasure Island!”

“That little speck of land guarded by an angry swan and a dozen geese?  I heard an adult swan can break a person’s arm.”

“Yes, to Treasure Island!  Now weigh anchor…”

“This rock weighs 2 pounds, Captain Tom, your honor, sir.”

“Shut up, Kyle, and let’s shove off.”

“OK, we’re off.  Where are the paddles?  No paddles?  A stick to push us around this mucky water?  That’s it, I mutiny.  I think I could command a pirate ship a gazillion times better than you!”

“Ok, Kyle, you walk the plank for that!”

“Walk the plank?  Your stupid boat is nothing but one big plank!  OK, I was about to jump back to shore before we had to swim anyway.”

“Good ridden!  OK, First Mate Matt, let’s set sail for Treasure Island!”

“Aye, Captain Tom!  I’ll paddle with my hands.”

“Hey losers, Bird Nest Island is only about two feet from shore.  I’ll walk over and jump across and make off with your treasure long before you figure out how to sail the SS Sinker!”

“Yeah, and my huge white parrot, aka swan, will beat you up if you try!  Jerk.”

“Hey Tom, I mean Captain Tom?  Why did you invite your brother along anyway?”

“I know, Matt, he’s a real turd-head, but I couldn’t carry The Dread Pirate Ship Black Skull down here by myself and your mom wouldn’t let you out of the house before you finished your homework.  Remember?”

“Hmm, you’re a-hole brother was right about one thing, our ship is sinking fast!  And breaking up – we just lost another board.”

“Abandon ship!  Every man for himself!  Let’s hope we don’t all drown in this greatest of maritime disasters!”

“It’s only waist deep here, but yuck, the water sure is stinky and muddy…”

“OK, back on shore at last…”

“Thank the Heavens!”

“You ready to try again next weekend?”

“Of course!  We’ll build The Dread Pirate Ship Black Skull II, just don’t let your idiot brother know.  He’ll ruin it again.”

“Right.  This time it is a super-ultra-top-secret mission!”

“Ha!  I heard that!  Silly-abysmal secret mission to the sewer in the SS Stinker?  It will smell as bad as you two do now.  Ha!”

“Shut up Kyle!”


This was written for the #writephoto challenge that is hosted by KL Caley. She provided the photo at the top along with the key word, “Island”.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! As kids, brothers (and sisters!) could make life miserable, but could also help remind us of reality ;) Always good to join and I’m glad I was able to find the time this week )



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