First Stirrings #haiku and #tanka

first stirring
winter frozen soul
tender shoot

barren landscape in
looks for the first buds of spring
snowdrop form flowers
A door long locked from cold
thaws to life as you approach


These interconnected poems were written for Colleen’s poetry challenge. This week was a color, and that color was green. We were instructed to attempt to avoid/imply the word green. We could chose our own form ,so I chose a 3-5-3 haiku and a tanka. Hope you enjoy (it is still snow covered in New Hampshire, but this wasn’t really about the weather. Or was it?)

30 thoughts on “First Stirrings #haiku and #tanka

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      We were at 4 this morning in southern NH, but it will reach the 60s this weekend. I feel some spring, but we really won’t see it for a couple of weeks. I hope to get down to Cape Cod in the next couple of weeks – spring is wet and cold there, but will start earlier than here (that is where the photo comes from, but that was last year).

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