Viral No More…

Back at the end of January I wrote a post about how one of my videos on Youtube had gone viral… at least to me ;) Quick recap, about a year ago a video I posted in 2017, an electronic version of The House of the Rising Sun, started to get some attention. First it was a few hits a day. Then it was averaging 10 views a day. It continued to rise. When I posted on January 28, I was getting up to 60 views a day. Within a week it was getting 80 or 90 views and total views on my YouTube channel was over 100 views a day!

And then it wasn’t.

Going from 100 views a day to single digits took four days. Since the end of the second week of February I have had few days with more than a dozen total views. I posted three videos in that period, all of which performed, well – let’s just say I never, from the beginning, had videos that have had this few views this far in, particularly the last one, the 4th movement of my Piano Sonata in c# minor.

And The House of the Rising Sun?

Nope, no hits there in weeks. Views had slowly grown over a year and disappeared over night.

Oh well, easy come, easy go.

Hopefully my next video will be viral ;)

24 thoughts on “Viral No More…

                1. trentpmcd Post author

                  Reminds me, I saw an interview with Gwen Stephani just after she became huge. She said she hated when people called her “cool” because she was still that very unpopular nerd she had always been. I loved that. Which brings us back to my new song, She Talks Each Night to Ariel – it is my call out, “love song”, to all those creative nerds out there :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      It is crazy, with no rhyme nor reason that I can figure out… I’m putting up a rock/pop tune now, so hopefully that will do better than the modern classical music I’ve been posting over the last few weeks. Thanks!

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