Evening #haiku

dark water grows calm
shadows stretch across the earth
the air turns to fire

placid depth
a deepening dark
reflects flame


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week was to be the theme of fire and water. I decided not to stop there, but put in all four elements – (in order in the poem) water, earth, air and fire. I also decided to write a traditional 575 haiku. And then, I did a second haiku in a 353 format with just the water and fire. I chose my subject mostly since I knew I have about 10,0000 photos of the sun setting over water ;)

30 thoughts on “Evening #haiku

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  2. yvettemcalleiro

    I had scrolled past the picture to quickly get to the poetry and loved both haikus. Then, I scrolled up and saw the picture and sat in awe of how beautifully you captured that image in your words. Well done, Trent! :-)

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