Attempt at a Reblog ;)

Dog Walking, 2020

Janet Alcorn is part of the Weekend Coffee share bunch and often puts memes on her posts. The last few weeks she has been posting memes from the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are hilarious. One funny things is that just before I visited her post last week I saw that my Yesterday-Covid-19 parody had had 5 views over night, the first views it had since 2020. When I mentioned that in a comment, Janet went over and took a look. She then asked if I minded if she used it in her last Covid-meme post. No, go right ahead :)

So, she put up the post a couple of hours ago, but I can’t figure out how to do a reblog, so instead, I will make a link to the post, one you can’t miss:

Click here to read Janet’s post that has some “typical” personal, weekend coffee share type things, a lot of very funny memes and, yes, my Yesterday parody video.

BTW – the image at the top was my attempt, back in March of 2020, to make a viral meme. OK, it never went viral, but I tried ;)

(So, when you are walking your dog and see another dog, you often take a turn so there is no barking, but when the virus hit… Oh never mind…)