Scotland Trip 2022 Part 6: Glencoe

I have mentioned several times in these posts that this was a family trip. Part of this was a visit to places about the MacDonalds, since that is our history. So I guess I should be excused for thinking that we were going to visit Glencoe for the history, to go and visit the site of the infamous Massacre of Glencoe. I assumed that was what the visitor center was all about.

Imagine my surprise when on our first travel day, after driving through some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen in my life, and I have seen many, that this was Glencoe.

We drove through Glencoe a total of three times. We didn’t get a chance to stop until the last time through. We spent some time, a little over an hour, at the visitor center and another 45 minutes or so at a scenic pull off that was crowded with people looking at the mountains.

The only “hike” I got was at the visitor center. My so called hike was only about 30 or 40 minutes, but it was a great taste. And then I was surprised that the visitor center was all about hiking and mountain climbing. I think there was a section on history, but I missed it. Behind the visitor center there was a house similar to the ones we saw at the Highland Folk Museum, that I really liked. I also loved the picture I took with my sister and nephew (unaware I had walked up behind them), which I labeled, “It may be small, but location, location, location.”

The time at the pull off was great – finally able to see the mountains through the air and not through glass! For the last 10 minutes or so that we were at the pull off we could see a helicopter flying around the mountains. Near the end it flew into a valley. Here is the valley.

And here is the helicopter in that same photo. If you missed it on the first look, go back and see if you can spot it.

We left right after this, and a few minutes later we saw the helicopter flying by, I think on its way to Fort William with a patient, or perhaps, looking at its direction of flight, all of the way to Inverness.

Anyway, not much to say about Glencoe except that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Some day I will return and hike in those mountains.

Below are some photos of Glencoe, including the ones from above. You can click on a photo to get a larger view and then scroll through them like a slideshow.

I hope you enjoyed this little gorgeous corner of Scotland. If you haven’t already, you can start the journey with my first post which includes links to all of the other posts in the series.

29 thoughts on “Scotland Trip 2022 Part 6: Glencoe

  1. For Tyeth

    Hello Trent, just had chance to look through some of your outstanding images of Scotland’s scenery. A few years ago I had a weekend break in the highlands and loved every minute of it, it has a magic about the place. The land, in places, has a purple tinge to the rocks and plants which I found fascinating. And you may be interested to know that the helicopter that you viewed was in fact the HM Coastguard Air Rescue helicopter (either on a rescue or a training mission). The Coastguard pilots are some of the best and bravest around.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! Yes, there is something magical about the Highlands and I can’t wait to return. I picked up a booklet at the Glencoe visitor’s center that has a page about rescue helicopters. I am sure they are great pilots to go into those tight mountains. I hope it was just a training mission that I saw…

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  2. Emille

    Intimidating mountains, but beautiful! Of all the smiles this week, I choose what’s on my table which a small slab of slate (and am so happy that we took it with us when we moved). It looks so authentic, just like the mountains you captured!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’ve seen many mountains, some much, much larger, steeper and more “craggy”, but I think these are the most beautiful I’ve seen. I don’t see a link, but I will try to find that slate…


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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      It is funny – they are no bigger than the White Mountains and not that much steeper, yet there is something about them that are just gorgeous. And, strangely enough, they even seem bigger than some of the Rocky Mountains that are in reality much, much bigger.

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