Orange (Day of the Dead ;) #tanka #TastetheRainbow

Drying leaves under foot
Early sunset sears the sky
Pumpkins by the door
Bright orange seems to speak of life
It is the color of death


Written for Colleen’s syllabic poetry challenge. This week the challenge is “Taste the Rainbow” and the poem should have a color theme, be about a color, feature a color, describe a color or have something to do with a color. I chose orange and wrote a tanka.. The Day of the Dead is November 2 and Halloween is Oct 31, so today is the day between. My poem, of course, can be the Day of the Dead, or Halloween or both. It is the transition to late autumn and the color that seems to represent that transition, orange. I hope you enjoyed! (Photo at the top is part of the show the Mexican contingent put on for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and represents the Day of the Dead. Below is a pencil drawing that I did ages ago, colorized (by hand) on the computer.)

24 thoughts on “Orange (Day of the Dead ;) #tanka #TastetheRainbow

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, Colleen! October is my favorite month, but November is great. I wasn’t always a fan – I used to think ti was wet and cold, and maybe as a kid in Ohio it was, but now I love it.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, Willow! I did enjoy the Tattoo, and with all of the Day of the Dead photos I saw this morning on FaceBook, many with monarch butterflies, I couldn’t help but think of this.



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