The New Year’s Song – Music Video

I wrote and recorded a new song earlier this week. Don’t worry, I don’t sing! lol. I did write lyrics, but.. Anyway, I will post it first, so go ahead and click “play” and then I will talk about it. Oh, and there are Scotland photos!

(Click here if you don’t see the video below)

I hope you enjoyed!

So, quick story – I picked up a few percussion instruments in the last month or two. I have a Cajon, which is a box you sit on and use your hands to make drum sounds. I picked it up in November. For Christmas I got a good tambourine (let me know if you need to know what that is ;) ) and a Latin Cabasa, which can be rattled, shaken or used to make the cool “grating” sound in Latin music. So I wanted to try recording these instruments, which meant I had to write a song.

I wrote out the chords and did a quick recording. I hummed along with the recording and came up with the melody. I then sat and worked on lyrics for a while. I started with the chorus and came up with a line “Next year it will be better, I promise, Things will turn out alright”. I went on from there about how good the future will be. I then wrote two verses about the dark December days and depression and such – if you listen, you can hear a “ticking clock” (the cabasa) during that verses. The pre-chorus (maybe a repeated bridge?) was written with “Ahhhhs”, and that is how you hear it. The problem, when I went to record I couldn’t make the words fit the rhythms :( So it is an instrumental. For now – I may try the lyrics again some day.

Since the lyrics were originally about next year being better, etc., and the song is upbeat, I decided to name it “The New Year’s Song”. Fitting?

Oh, quick comment – I may have “stolen” this. The melody sounds so familiar, but I can’t figure out what it is. So I will claim it ;) I won’t make money off of it, so if someone sues me, they won’t get a whole lot…

Anyway, tech info – all percussion are the instruments listed above (cajon, tambourine and cabasa). The top voice in the “choir” is the default “voice” sample in Cubase. All other sounds, including the rest of the “choir” are from my Prophet Rev 2.

I wanted to use nice outdoors photos for the video and so ended up with the Scotland photos. I hope you liked them :)

23 thoughts on “The New Year’s Song – Music Video

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      So it is aptly named ;) lol I did use some sounds that are very 1980s which might be part of it, but even when I listen I there is something that it makes me think about, but I can’t figure it out – that is why I think I accidentally “borrowed” the tune, but perhaps not.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I think the chorus is the catchy part of the song (that’s the job of a good chorus), so could be – I know I’ve been walking around humming it ;) Doing the drums was a lto of fun, and hopeful as I continue to play with them it will get better.
      Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. msjadeli

    I like your “majestic” intro and then the more joyful atmosphere through the rest. It’s a very pleasant accompaniment to the slideshow. The music reminds me of some scenes in Studio Ghibli anime. rock, water, and green / vistas rise and fall under / blue sky, white cotton

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