Cannon #writephoto

Photo by KL Caley

The last coach has long departed.  No voice of tourist nor even of costumed interpreter can be heard.  Peace has descended and we can emerge to our natural places.

I stand by the cannon, spirit soaring as I look out at the Wallace and remember days gone by.  Ah, being by the great man’s side…  I relive that day in my mind over and over. Yes, I was wounded and taken to the castle to die, but it was the height of glory! We would drive the English out!

Manning the cannon as he had in 1746 is Thomas, making sure that Bonnie Prince Charles can never take the walls and security in the strategic castle. An unlucky hit made it so he didn’t witness the Jacobite retreat with living eyes. To him, preserving the union of kingdoms was worth it.

Our aims in life may have been opposite, but together in death we get along alright.

We watch over the cannon and talk of times old, new and in the future.

But the night fades and day arrives too soon.

The staff arrive, including the costumed interpreters.  Too soon the first coach ascends from the small town.  Once more the sacred castle is filled with the voices and the tourists.

Thomas and I fade with the night.  We’ll meet each other again at his cannon as we have for almost three hundred years, a place where I have stood guard for 700 years.


OK, I could not think of a good story, but I had to write something, having recently stood where KL had taken that photo. Anyway, it has been ages since I joined in the writephoto challenge. This is now hosted by KL Caley. She provided the photo at the top and the word “Cannon”. Oh, here is the place from a different side.

Turning around from the wall where KL was (she might not have been that spot, but… you get the point):

13 thoughts on “Cannon #writephoto

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  2. KL Caley

    Oh you clever, clever sausage! Marvellous. You got it exactly right. What a great story you have woven too. Thank you so much for joining in with such a brilliant #writephoto entry. KL <3

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