Dickens Challenge Update/Reminder #Dickenschallenge

Just a reminder about the Dickens Challenge. Did you forget already?!? If so, that is why I’m doing a reminder 😉😎 Anyway, I am co-hosting the challenge with Yvette and Marsha. The challenge this year is pretty easy, you only need to read one of Charles Dickens’ novellas by June 9th. Yeah, June is still a long way away, but time goes by so quickly!

I just received a book of five novellas and have started to read.

Here is what we originally wrote:

This year’s Invitation:

  • The 2023 #DickensChallenge invites you to read ANY of Dickens’ novellas between February 7th and June 9th, 2023 (the dates for the challenge align with Dickens’ date of birth and date of death). Then share about your reading in a post (or posts) or via comments on one or all of the host blogs. 
  • We will allow comments to be shared  until around June 16th – and then we will raffle off the gift cards by entering the names of participants into a raffle. 
  • Use this hashtag: #Dickenschallenge
  • We will be making a master page with info – coming soon

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