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If We Were Having Coffee on the 3rd of June, 2023 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome! Come on in and I’ll get you a large mug of super strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or other beverage. It is coolish out there and a bit wet still. After the heat of the last few days, I’ll take it! I saw temps up to 94F/35C. It wasn’t awful out, but it was in – my office hit 85F/30C (it is the warmest room in the house – well, the exercise room may have been warmer). Oh, where are we? Some of you may recognize the photo at the top as coming from New Hampshire.

I started the week on Cape Cod. I had a very long weekend and drove back to New Hampshire Tuesday evening. It was very nice down there, though Sunday and Monday were very windy. It was up close to 90 F in New Hampshire (30s C), but it was closer to 70 F/20 C on the Cape. Well, a little warmer one day, but still not hot. I wrote on my Weekly Smile about some of my Cape activities – kayaking, walking on beaches,etc.

Work was very busy, though there were worse weeks.

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Owl #tanka #tankatuesday

Large eyes takes all in
Swift silent shadow soars by
Shrouded in secrets
Who is night’s mystery bird
And is he really so wise?


This was written for Colleen’s Tank Tuesday syllabic poetry challenge. I haven’t participated in ages… This week we were to take a quiz to give us our “spirit animal” and then write a poem about the animal. Mine was the owl. The only photos I had handy were of the snowy owl I saw last year, but it will do… I went easy and stayed with a tanka.


The Weekly Smile for the 29th of May, 2023 #weeklysmile

Hi All! Interesting week.. I drove down to Cape Cod on Wednesday night. I worked on Thursday, but took Friday off. Instead of driving back Saturday night as I often do, I stayed down here. I will drive back to New Hampshire Tuesday evening. So, I had a long weekend on Cape Cod!

Anyway, there were a few things to make me smile :)

I went for three long paddles in the kayak. They were all very different and all very good – it is nice to get out :) I enjoy being on the water. Unlike most paddles, I did not bring my camera on any – it is nice to not be literally weighed down.

I took a long walk in the woods were I often go. I stopped at one point for a while and saw five different osprey hit the water, two just a few feet (a couple of meters) in front of me. When the show seemed to be over, an eagle flew by. Later I saw it skim the water twice. I don’t think it ever picked up a fish, which is unusual. Anyway, it was cool seeing seven hits on the water by big birds.

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If We Were Having Coffee on the 27th of May, 2023 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome. Come on over at sit at the “picnic table” and I’ll get you a large mug of super strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or other beverage. It is a gorgeous day! It is sunny with a slight breeze. Still a little cool, but it will warm up without getting hot. I did get short walk in already this morning – amazing how many people were out at 7 AM on a Saturday! Oh, where are we? Some of you may know that photo at the top as coming from Cape Cod.

I took yesterday (Friday) off work. I did a long kayak paddle in the early morning. I then stood in line for over an hour to get beach stickers – yeah, I have been getting them on line. I will again next year! In the afternoon I took a long walk in the woods. At one place I watched five osprey hit the water! And an eagle flew over. I saw it catch and drop two fish. So seven hits on the water overall (the osprey are more impressive hitting the water, but the eagle is a more impressive bird). I did get some photos, though not a good one of an osprey hitting the water.

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Residue Magic

PHOTO PROMPT © Amanda Forestwood

“It’s a magical stairway to the land of Faerie.”

Those moss-covered stones rising steeply up to destinations unknown did look magical, but she never let me take them.

Although she was bent and walked at a snail’s pace, Nana had a bit of magic of her own behind that twinkle in her eye.  The world took on a different tone when I was around her.

I stood looking up those steps, recognizing the street above.

I closed my eyes and remembered them through Nana’s eyes.

I shook my head.  I wouldn’t take that stairway and ruin her illusion. Not today.


word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo by @ © Amanda Forestwood. If you want to join or see other stories, go to the inlinkz linkup.


I’ve been ultra busy late, so missed last week. I can’t promise I’ll be able to hit everyone’s story this week :( But I’ll try.

Synclavier Regen 1st Impressions

I have been playing with a Synclavier Regen for a little over two weeks now. I posted two quick bits of music using sounds I created on it over a period of about a week. Anyway, I am ready to give my first impressions of this impressive instrument.

I am going to divide this post into three main parts. The first will be a bit of history, the second a very quick description of the synth engine, and the last will be my impressions. At the bottom, perhaps a fourth section, I will put some recordings, starting with the first two I made, but others may be added later.

Oh, and here is one now, which will also be at the bottom. It is an atmospheric song. You can listen while you read the rest of the post.

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The Weekly Smile for the 22nd of May, 2023 #weeklysmile

Hi All! This was an odd week all around. Nothing bad happened, but it was what I call “one of those weeks…” Sure work isn’t necessarily bad, it is just unrelenting, so I feel I can’t pause for a breath. I know, I am complaining, though I don’t mean to – as I said, right now it isn’t anything bad, like it was in the not too distant past, it is just that I’ve been too tired to do a lot. But I did do a few smile worthy things :)

So, yes, this is another “Its’ the Small Things” post.

Over the last week I joined two gathering of friends, just because. You know, sitting around, chatting, etc. for a few hours. Always nice. The second included a couple I haven’t seen in almost a year.

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If We Were Having Coffee on the 20th of May, 2023 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome! Come on in and I’ll get you a nice large mug of super strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or other beverage. It isn’t bad outside, but obvious that rain is on the way. Most of the week was pretty nice. Wednesday was cool and it was unusually cold Wednesday night into Thursday, but beyond that, pretty typical for this time of year. In fact, the week started more like early summer than mid Spring. Oh, where are we? Some of you may recognize the photo at the top as coming from New Hampshire.

It was a very busy week at work. I didn’t feel as beat up as some recent weeks, but it did dictate things like I had one blog post on Monday and that was it. I just did not want to be sitting in front of a computer when not at work!!! So no reading blogs either. (some limited exceptions).

I was able to run a couple of times. Not totally back to the routine, but it was great stress relief. I did my exercise routine once – way off track there! I walked the dogs, though no walks during work hours (might be obvious, but I usually try to get at least two short walks in during the day – when I don’t, my blood pressure goes up – my body is not made for sitting!!). I had massage on Wednesday. I read some and did other things like that. I did spend an hour editing a story I wrote for a project, but writing has been down recently…

The big thing I did was play music. I just picked up a new synthesizer and have been playing around with it a lot. I did two recordings already – yes, I’ve now had it almost exactly two weeks. I will post my “First Impressions” video at the bottom of the page. Funny, but after being out walking, playing around with an instrument like this is the biggest stress release I can imagine. (The sounds are created from the ground up using sine waves… To program, you have to be in that zone that all creatives hit, only it is easier here)

I have a lot to do this weekend – some visiting, I have to mow. I need to get out and explore. I will make that second video and perhaps do more creation… And be outside, exploring or not!

Thanks for stopping in! If you have a coffee share, I will try to visit. I usually hit all of those posted in the share, though rarely comment on the non-WordPress ones.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Natalie the Explorer is the host of the weekend coffee share and she is doing a wonderful job. Stop in at this week’s main share page or go to the InLinkz-Linkup to see all of the other shares!


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The Weekly Smile for the 15th of May, 2023 #weeklysmile

Hi All! This has to be quick as I have been staring down over 300 email and hundreds of texts on Teams that are demanding my attention – yeah, one of those mornings. But there is a good reason for it :)

The reason I have a full inbox at work is that I took two days off of work! It was really nice and super relaxing, even though I did a lot of work around the house(s). For example, ripping out a ceiling:

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If We Were Having Coffee on the 13th of May, 2023 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome! Come on in, or, it being so beautiful, sit in a chair in the back yard. I will get you a nice mug of super strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or other beverage. It is nice! Warm, but not hot. A slight hint of a breeze, but pretty calm. The birds are singing. Ahhhh…. Oh, where are we? Some of you may recognize the photo at the top as being from Cape Cod.

The first three days of the week were ultra busy with work. But then I took Thursday and Friday off…. I drove to the Cape on Wednesday night.

The reason I took time off was to do a project on the house. We have been having plumbing issues – there are two tiny (full) bathrooms on the second floor. There has been some water, and it was getting worse. I called in a plumber and he said I’d have to take down the ceiling before he could give me an estimate. Fair enough.

So, this was taken on Thursday morning:

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