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A Great Day in Harlem


Typically I use my Image Mondays for my own photos or drawings.  Today I want to do something different.  Over the weekend I watched the movie “A Great Day in Harlem”.  I want to say a few words about the photo that this documentary is centered around.

In 1958 Esquire magazine wanted to devote a special issue to jazz.  They hired a young art director, Art Kane, to take some photos.  He decided to try to get a few jazz musicians to pose for a large group photo.  This iconic photo has become one of the great documents in what some consider America’s great contribution to Art – Jazz. Continue reading

I Have a Regret, Snowy Egret

I love the egrets I see all of the time. They are a study of grace. Tall and slender but with a beak as fast as a bullet. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of these birds I called “Snowy Egrets”.

Last year I saw some smaller white birds. They were obviously egrets, but they were about half the size of the ones I was used to. I wondered what they could be.

Snowy Egret

This spring I picked up a book on birds of Cape Cod. They only had one white egret, the snowy. Continue reading

Bartelby – My Award Winning Cat

Bartelby was a very athletic cat. One way you can read this, of course, is he often got into very weird places. For instance, once when he was a very small kitten we were woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of meowing. Turning the lights on we found Bartelby sitting on a curtain rod maybe eight feet (about two and half meters) off of the floor. Continue reading

Cape Cod – End of April Birds and Such

For my “First Monday Image” I’m going to do something completely different. On second thought, I haven’t really prepared anything all that different so I will give you more of the same.

Last week I spent a few days on Cape Cod and, as usual, I took while I was there.  Usually I post pictures of the beach and patterns in the sand, but this time I want to post mostly pictures of animals. Well, the horseshoe crab is just a shell and I did put in a lighthouse, but it is mostly animals. Continue reading

Demo – New “Hybrid” Self-Portrait

For my “First Monday Image” I was going to try something a little different. I had planned on showing a step-by-step example from idea to finished product of one of my little drawing-computer painting hybrids. This process usually takes between one and two hours. The problem is I could not think of anything to draw so I decided to do a self-portrait. Well, that changed everything.

Continue reading

Cascade Canyon - June 2002

Mountains make my heart sing.  There are few mountains in this country quite like the Grand Tetons.  It’s a fabulous place to hike.  These are some early images from my second digital camera, my first “real” digital camera, the Olympus E-10.  It wasn’t a true DSLR, but it was close.  It had a prism beam splitter to allow the user to look through the lens, but it had some quirky features.  One huge plus was the excellent lens.  Continue reading


I want to bring you back a few years and have you visit an outdoor café in Kuwait City.  Two sisters are sitting and chatting about the past and the future, about Kuwait, where they grew up, and about Boston, a city one sister now called home.  As they sat and talked they witnessed a feral cat being struck by a car. Continue reading