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Odds and Ends for the Week

Just a few random things I wanted to put out.

Did you see the cover reveal for my upcoming book of short stories, It’s Cold Outside? Take a look here if you haven’t.

Why am I bringing it up?

I had started with a drawing I had made in an art class that I thought was perfect, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I started over with a different image, a drawing I had made from a photo, one I have used many times on the blog. I really liked how it come out :) But then, the day before my cover reveal, I went back tot he original drawing of the first image and played with it. Darn, I actually liked what I came up with! After passing it by several people, we all decided that I need to stick with what I used. It fits better. Anyway, a few changes in format, here is the alternate version:

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Walking the Dog in 2020 – A Cartoon



Dog Walking, 2020

Yesterday when I had Idina and Fiyero out for a walk I saw someone coming towards me with their dog.  I changed directions and took a side street.  Sure, it might have been OK, but Idina sometimes acts like a mad thing, particularly if the other dog is a female. But as I walked the other way, I started to think about Social Isolation and its effects on dog walking in 2020.  I hope you got a smile from this little cartoon :)

(Note – I just posted a slightly tweaked version of the cartoon)

Art at Trent’s World


There once was a time when I used to put up a hand-drawn picture at least once a week.  I’d like to start drawing again, but it is time consuming.  As motivation, I’ll post some of my favorite art work, including those I did for The Halley Branch and The Fireborn.

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The Halley Branch Cover Reveal Part 2

The Halley Branch Cover - front

Yesterday I posted the cover for The Halley Branch.  Today I want to say a few things about it.

Several months ago I asked some people how early they do a cover reveal.  i was very surprised that most said 4 to 6 months.  I had someone say their publishing company did the reveal before the book was even finished!  So now that it is out there, I can use the image when I talk about it.

Some of you read the rough draft of the book when I posted it as a serial.  Do you recognize this image? Continue reading

Cover Reveal – The Halley Branch!

The Halley Branch Cover - front

It is still several months out, but I thought you all might like to see what the cover for The Halley Branch will look like.

What do you think?  Like it?

Here is a rough draft of the front and back together.  This is subject to change.  (I will have a second post with some conversation about the cover later): Continue reading

The Collaborative Cover

Last Summer I thought I’d have my short story book out by early Autumn.  I had some beta readers going over it, I’d done some brainstorming with a few people and came up with Seasons of Imagination as a title.  All I needed was a cover.

I sat down and did a couple of quick sketches.  I liked one idea and decided to draw it out to see how it looked.  Over a weekend down on Cape Cod I got out some drawing pens and did a more complete drawing.  Here is a phone photo – yeah, the light was bad and such, but you should be able to see the basic design. Continue reading

Quick Sketch – Notre Dame

Notre Dame

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ve seen at least one post about my favorite city, Paris.  I’ve been there three times and have been in the city perhaps 20 to 25 days total.  The second time I was there I did some sketching.  It was fun to carry a sketch book around and just doodle.  I spent a lot of time drawing the rose windows of Notre Dame.  I filled pages of studies, but of course I can’t find them.  But then there is this sketch.  This is a study based on those original sketches plus a photo I took for reference.  I was planning a large scale very detailed drawing, but never got past this quick pencil sketch.  (I obviously didn’t use a straight edge for this sketch!)

I hope you enjoyed this bit of hand-drawn Paris!

Weekly Smile! – Looking for Feedback



I’m getting ready for my first weekly smile!  Are you?  I decided I need a logo, sticker, graphic or something similar to go with it.  I did some sketching and this is my favorite so far.  What do you think?  Note – what you see above is NOT what was first there, I changed it.  I think this version works better.

Here is the original “Bold” version.  It still looks a little too, well, i like the top version better for this project…

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

I just put this up – it isn’t colorized as well as the others, but I want you to look at the design.:

(I just removed this one.  It isn’t X-Rated ;) but it is very very ugly and even if you like it, I don’t I’m leaving this placeholder up since i told a few people to look)

Idina’s Monster

Idina with the magic stick

I poked my head into the sunroom.  The wet,miserable day visible out of the large windows gave lie to name of the room.  It had been raining nonstop since early morning.

Idina looked over and wagged her tail.  She was perched on a chair next to the sliding door.  All morning she stared out of the window.  Occasionally she barked, but by the time I got into the room she would be calm again, looking at me happily, wagging away. Continue reading