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The Art of Trent’s World (Again, again)

(This is another summer rerun.  Actually, I’ve posted this twice.  This time, however, I’m going to add a few more pictures to the gallery, almost doubling it.)

It began innocently enough.

Last December (well, December 2013!) I wrote a story about a hiker caught by a blizzard at the top of a New Hampshire mountain. I wanted an illustration. I was away from home and didn’t have any resources beyond a bland version of Windows paint. I spent a few minutes to make a quick B&W computer sketch and put it up.


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Images of a Rusty Bridge


When I posted the picture of my revamped studio did you notice the paintings?  The best one, the one near the center, isn’t mine.  The other, the red and purple one on the right, is mine.  Looking at that photo made me go back and take a look at the painting and it’s history. Continue reading

The Magic Wand

Almost exactly a year ago I started work on a picture story, the magic wand.  I posted it May 2, 2014.  However, in ways I like the colorized version better.  If you have time, look at both and let me know what you think.

Magic Wand 1

1. “Where have you been, Edward? We haven’t seen you in days.”

“I’ve been too busy to come out and play. Last week I received a magic wand for my fifth birthday and I’ve been practicing.” Continue reading

Faces and Fannies – A Class on Portrait and Figure Drawing

Boy portrait

Warning – This post contains drawings of the nude figure!  If you are at all squeamish about such things, turn back now.  

About eight months ago I posted some examples of drawings I made while taking figure drawing classes.  In the post I talked about what it’s like to take such a class, i.e., that there is nothing at all sexual about it.  Recently I discovered some 18″ x 24″ notebooks from the last class I took, “Faces and Fannies”.  The class was given by children book author Marty Kelly.

I’m not great at portraiture and I enjoy figure drawing so this class was perfect for me.  It worked on a big weakness while inspiring me with my favorite type of drawing.  And I think I did some of my best drawings in this class. Continue reading

Bartelby, My Award Winning Cat (RP)

Bartelby was a very athletic cat. One way you can read this sentence is that he often got into very weird places. For instance, once when he was a very small kitten we were woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of meowing. Turning the lights on we found Bartelby sitting on a curtain rod maybe eight feet (about two and half meters) off of the floor.

Another time I found Bartelby on top of a cabinet. He stood there proudly, head pressed firmly against the ceiling, staring into the light. I grabbed a camera (an Olympus 2020 with its groundbreaking 2 mp sensor) and took a quick picture. Continue reading