Today’s “Poem” #nonet

I am looking for inspiration
I try a few words at random
I look back at some old works
I scan my images
But I have nothing
Where is the muse?
I’m left dry


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. Today was poet’s choice. I had nothing, so… I wrote a nonet. ;)


Photo is me with my “Covid-long hair” – I’m going for that early 1970s Prog Rock star look ;)

The Weekly Smile for the 3rd of May, 2021 #weeklysmile

Hi! Just real quick…

I spent last week at my place down on Cape Cod. I also took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of work, so had a little “Spring Break/Vacation!” I did the usual things that I do when I am on Cape Cod. I kayaked several times, I took walks in the woods and by a saltwater marsh. I took walks on my favorite beach, including going out onto the sand-flats at low tide, ran by the beach (the access road next to the beach, but not on the actual sand), and other things.

It was a nice, relaxing week. i got plenty of air and sun :) It was a great get away.

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The Weekly Smile Recap for 4/26 – 5/2/2021 #weeklysmile

Hi All! Need something to smile about? Click a link below. Or click two or three! Another week with some great smiles!

Trent’s World
Something to Ponder About
Lady Lee Manila
The Hidden Edge
Ruth Scribbles
Sillyfrog’s Blog
Superlative Deviation
Light Motifs II
Touring My Backyard
Ruth Scribbles
Thistles and Kiwis

Some great smiles!

I will be back in about an hour for this week’s smile post. What made you smile?

If We Were Having Coffee on the First of May, 2021 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome! Come on over and sit down! It is a little cool, but warming. The sun feels great and there is no wind back here. You can see a little water flashing in the sun through the trees. Isn’t it pretty? Hold on and I’ll get you a mug of super strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or some hot cocoa. Oh, where are we? Some may recognize the photo at the top as being from Cape Cod.

I was on “The Cape” all week. More than that, this was my “Spring Break”. Sort of. I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of work. It rained Thursday, but it was still nice to get away.

As i said, I did work Monday and Tuesday. They were busy days, but not as bad as the week before!

This week I kayaked a couple of times, walked in the woods, walked on the beach, ran, exercised, played with dogs, puttered around the house and yard, read, walked and dog walked, and other stuff. The dogs, or at least Idina, didn’t want to walk much, so I played with them in the back a lot. I am very physical when I play with Fiyero, chasing him, wrestling him for the ball/toy, etc. He is a boxer, so loves it. I also set up a keyboard and played a bit, but not as much as I had planned. I didn’t want to be inside!

I’m not sure exactly how I will let my day go today. I do plan on being outside as much as possible!

That being said, I do need to get moving again.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a coffee share, I will try to visit, but no promises.

Natalie the Explorer is now the host of the weekend coffee share and she is doing a wonderful job. Stop in at this week’s main share page or go to the InLinkzlinkup to see all of the other shares!

Oh – I have decided to use my pages “badge” for the linkup so it is the same every week despite the kaleidoscope of photos I use for the share itself..

Lake (Voices) #writephoto

Lake – Image by Sadje

Voices, voices.

Trey was six, very unsteady with his paddling, the canoe out of control in the wind, his older brother, Jim, shouting at him. It was his first year at the lake staying in the small cabin where his dad had vacationed since he was a kid. It had been a little fishing get away for his dad and one of his friends. Two years ago Jim had made his first visit. This year it was his turn.

His brother’s nine year old voice yelling.

Trey was nine, reeling in a huge bass. The bass fought like the Dickens, but Trey had three years of experience now and could handle it. tell Dad, though.  Even though he had caught hundreds of fish, but his dad still had to talk him through it, cheering him on.

His dad’s voice, full of care, instructing him on catching fish and living life.

Trey was eleven, climbing a small cliff that had the best view of the lake.  It was his favorite spot in the world. This was the second year Mom had made the journey, it no longer being a “boys night out” fishing trip, but s full-fledged family vacation.

His mother’s voice, telling him the cliff was dangerous was thrown into the mix.

Trey was thirteen hidden in the deep woods, coughing on a stolen cigarette. Jim punched his arm, perhaps a little too hard.

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The Flood Called the Past

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

We used to sit down by the lake, old cable spool as a table, and just shoot the breeze; you know, life, the Universe and everything.  Of course, mostly women.

But then life actually happened and I went out to explore the Universe, or at least this corner of it called “America”.  And, yeah, I met a woman and everything.

That was years ago, a lot of water under the bridge.

I never heard what it was: stroke, heart attack or whatnot.  Just old age.

I sit by the lake and think about life, the Universe and everything.

And him.


word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo © Dale Rogerson . Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

Trillium #etheree #doubleetheree

Sun light
Warming days
Still frosty nights
I tromp through the woods
New growth shoots welcome me
The trees are budding, promising life
Glowing yellows and baby greens
But I spot a flash of burgundy
The first rich, Earthy color of the year

Everyone notices those bright flowers
Those extroverts of nature stand out
Flashy in their new spring wardrobe
Glowing in the springtime sun
What about the hidden?
What flowers are dark?
Who speaks of soil
Black and rich?


This was written for Colleen’s weekly Poetry Challenge. This week we were asked to write on a theme given by Kat. The theme was “Pick a Flower and using one of the syllabic forms we use, tell us why it is special to you.” I chose to use a double etheree. And the flower I chose was the trillium, but that red trillium I see in New Hampshire, not the white ones I grew up with in Ohio. And yes, if you read my coffee post, that photo at the top may be one of the photos I use for my spring coffee shares…

The Weekly Smile for the 26th of April, 2021 #weeklysmile

It has been a strange week. Let’s pull ourselves away from all of the bad news and think of some of the good. On the space front, not only did NASA fly a helicopter on Mars, they have flown it a total of three times so far! And there was another successful commercial “humanned” launch to the space station this week.

After work on Friday I took a walk down on Cape Cod. At one point there is a dam with a small fresh water lake on one side and a tidal river on the other. There is a herring run beside the damn, but the tide was too far down for the fish to climb the ladder. in fact, the tide was super far down. A great egret was in the middle of the river, so I hid behind a tree to try to get some photos (if a great egret sees me pointing a camera, it will always fly away, even if I am very far away).

I was up against the tree and heard a noise above me. Before I figured out what it was, an osprey sparing from a branch above my head and dove almost straight down into the water beneath me. It went in only about 10 or 15 feet way (3 to 5 meters). It emerged from the water with a fish (herring/alewife) and flew off. I was taken so much by surprise that I forgot about my camera. I did try to get a few photos as it flew off, but none came out. When I looked back, the great egret had a fish as well! I thought the fish was too big, but, after dropping it, repositioning, it swallowed it whole.

I also saw a flock of comerants feigned on herring a little later in the walk.

All together, it was a great walk, and the birds were all happy and well fed!

That was my smile for the week, being up close and personal to large birds feeding on herring.

What made you smile?


Come on, I’m sure you smiled at least once last week.  Why don’t you share it?  I hope you can join in!

Here is list of “rules” and guiding ideas.  If you don’t have time to read it right now, just remember that this is an exercise to spread positivity.  Don’t smile about the misfortune of others.  Don’t smile in a way to excludes others.  Make sure a 12 year old can read it.

To join in, write a post to share your smile and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your smile.  Or, if you prefer, do a pingback to this post (pingback = have a link from your post to this one) (Note – pingbacks have been very inconsistent – please leave a comment :) ).   You can post any time until next Sunday evening (to be simple, I will say midnight GMT, which is 7 PM Sunday for me).   Next week I will compile all of the Smiles and do a separate post of them on Monday morning just before the smile.  (I will shoot for around 7 AM EST).

The Weekly Smile Recap 4/19 – 4/25/2021 #weeklysmile

Hi all! This is another week with a lot of good things happening, yet also some tragedies, like what is happening with Covid-19 in parts of India right now. Despite the dark times and the bad news, people out there have had plenty to smile about. Want to know more? Just look at some of the smiles below. maybe read three or four. Or all of them!

Trent’s World
Sillyfrog’s Blog
The Hidden Edge
Ruth Blogs Here
Change is Hard
Touring My Backyard
Thistles and Kiwis

OK, so this is not as many as usual, but they were all still great! I hope you read a few.

I will post this week’s smile in about an hour. What made you smile?

If We Were Having Coffee on the 24th of April, 2021 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and Welcome! Come on over and take a seat. It is a little cool, but not bad, and the sun feels great. I’ll get you nice mug of very strong dark roast, a cuppa tea, a hot cocoa or other beverage. It’s nice here, isn’t it? It doesn’t look quite like the photo at the top, which was taken in the middle of summer, but it is still pretty. Oh, were are we? Some of you may recognize that photo I spoke of as being from Cape Cod. Yes, there is a salt water marsh/bay just beyond those trees, which, without the leaves, is now visible.

So, yeah, I am on “The Cape” this weekend. I came down Thursday evening. Yesterday, after work, I took a long walk in the woods and by a saltwater marsh, then a shorter walk on the beach (it was super windy!), I got up early this morning and took a very long walk on my favorite beach. It is going to be warm, and the wind is down, so I am sure I will spend a big chunk of today on the kayak.

This was a tough work week. Yuck. The less said, the better.

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