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When the World Was Young – #tanka #haibun

When the World Was Young

I click ‘play’ on the screen, but it is more than music that pours out.  I am being drawn to a different time.  The world was young and the people created an exciting, novel version of reality.  I can hear it from the speaker, I can feel the groove and the vibe shouting out the changes.  It may be old and dated, but it feels fresh and alive, the sound of an eternal search for what has never been seen or felt or heard before.  As I listen, nodding my head to the beat, it seems as if there has been nothing created recently that hasn’t been based on these sounds.  The song has come to an end and I reach over to lift the needle from the record, but I am back to the present and can only click on the next song.

Times were a changin
Jimi and band played “Hey Joe”
No satisfaction
From a grey conformity
They explored a virgin “now” Continue reading

From the Sounds of Silence to the Wall of Sound

Psychedelic Music

Little Terrance was in the dinning room pouring over the pictures in his new favorite book, the World Book Encyclopedia, when a knock came from the front door.  He looked up quizzically.  The front door faced the street but didn’t have a real path to it.  Most people came from the driveway to the side door.  He got up and turned off the radio.  This large piece of furniture was churning out the jazzy pop of Henry Mancini and Burt Bacharach.  The four and half year old had to stand on his tip-toes to reach the dial on the inside of the cabinet Continue reading