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The Transition of years Part 2: 2021

Warning, political rant ahead!

Happy 2021!  I know everyone is excited about this particular tick of the year.  Finally, at last, 2021!

Uhm, of course most of us know that nothing has changed overnight, right? 

The pandemic will get worse before it gets better – in the US many hospitals are at the saturation point, numbers will soar because of travel and gatherings, the death rate will increase from the already high 3000 a day (over 3700 on 12/30), the new strain is in the US and may rapidly spread, it takes over a month for the vaccine to work, it is possible immunity is short lived, etc., etc., etc….  We are not out of the woods.

And then there is the election thing.  A full one third of Americans think there was massive fraud and the election was stolen.  When Electoral College votes are counted, the Republicans are going to try to overthrow the results.  If that doesn’t work, there is still the possibility of Martial Law being called.  Tens of thousands of heavily armed people have sworn that they will start a revolution “to take back their country” if all else fails.  The chance for violence in our country is higher than it has been since the 1860s. Even if that doesn’t happen, that third of the people, feeling that they have been disenfranchised and that the government is no longer legitimate, will surely cause issues.

With more people currently dying of Covid-19 every day than died in the September 11 attacks (soon may be September 11 and Pearl Harbor 12/7/41 combined every day) and the threat of extreme violence on the horizon, the next few months may be, well, rocky…

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The Transition of Years Part 1: 2020

Wow, what can I say about 2020 that you don’t know?  There was a pandemic and the death rate in the US was pretty horrific, and totally avoidable.  I still know people who think it is a hoax.  There were economic issues caused by the pandemic, such as high unemployment, shortages of essentials (anyone remember the TP shortage?!) and small businesses folding (the huge companies had one of the best years ever!).  There were travel restrictions, social distancing, isolation, and all of that.  There were natural disasters, such as huge fires, multiple hurricanes, drought, flooding. The death of some big name, influential people, Covid-19 related and not.  And then there was the politics of the year, which is still go on, and getting scarier.  Too much said about that one… It was a year to remember.

I was not as effected as many that I know, but I was effected.  Some people close to me were very sick. Luckily I didn’t lose anyone very close, but I did lose people I know and know some people who lost very close family and/or friends. I haven’t seen any family member since July of 2019.  I did no travel.  My wife lost every one of her contracts and so her income was zero through a chunk of the year. We lost a sweet cat, Josie. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

But then, there were positives.

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