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What’s in a Name?

Trent in High School Band

When I was in high school I wasn’t just a Math Nerd, as most of you expect, but also a Band Nerd. I was in choir, the yearly musicals, symphonic band, pep band, jazz band and, of course, marching band. I once calculated out that while attending high school I was doing some type of music practice or performance between five and ten hours a day, every day. Whichever way you looked at it, though, I was a nerd with all of the nerd ways. I was ultra-introverted, which I still am, and extremely shy, which I’m now only slightly shy. And I was totally clueless, particularly when it came to the bane of all high school boys, particularly nerdy ones, high school girls.

I was very rebellious in my quiet way, the last “respectable” boy who wore long hair. I did things my own way, no matter what we were doing. My mom still tells the story of asking my band director what it was like having a field full of kids marching in a toga for Toga Day during “Spirit Week”. He laughed and informed her I was the only one! Continue reading

Yes, Another “What I Want from My Blog in 2014” Post

The Possibilities ... Photo by Trent P McDonald

I think I started the blogging year out right.  I put up a short work of fiction about someone’s first day out in the world, his great new beginning.  OK, so that “someone” is a Frankenstein monster-like creature.  Everyone deserves a great new start, don’t they?  Yes, my First of January post does show the general flavor my blog will take this fine New Year, but I’m still lacking the typical “here is what I want to accomplish this year” post.  Well, I was lacking – just continue reading… Continue reading