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And Then the World Changed


I was sitting in the backyard of my vacation house in the late evening. I had a boxer puppy in my lap chewing on a stick while I thought up the plot of a short story. Without thinking I would throw a toy and the puppy would run, grab it and bring it back to my lap to chew. It was pleasantly warm, a breeze coming off of the nearby saltwater pond, an early summer evening like any other.

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The Gull Cries

A Seagull

The cry fills the air
Echoes of memories gone
Or is it just me?

The cry of a gull pulls my heartstrings.  It draws me to the water and at the water makes me contemplate the four and a half billion year journey of each drop of water.  Another cry echoing, echoing through the ages.  The gull cries to me of endless ocean, forever seas.

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