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Bresis – That Was Yesterday (Repost)

Achellis-n-BriseisSeveral years back, during the darkest hours of the US’s involvement in two wars, I revisited an ancient war. I reread The Iliad. I don’t know if it was because of the political atmosphere or a more mature outlook, but my interpretation of the poem was completely different from any I had had or seen before.

I can’t go into all of the details, but I bring up a few points about my different interpretation of this old classic. Continue reading

Dabbler, Hobbyist, Amateur or Pro – Repost

Dabble - Sketch by Trent P McDonald(OK, this is the third time this showed up.  Still one of my favorites!)

I’ve participated in many of the arts and have had formal instruction in a few.  I’ll admit that I’ve discovered a problem with trying to be a Jack of All Artistic Trades: it’s very easy to fall into the trap of being a Master at None. Continue reading

Patterns in the Sand (repost)

Patterns in the Sand (Dennis, MA) - photo by Trent P McDonald 12/28/13

human  (noun) – A sentient being that sees and appreciates patterns.  OK, so I just made up that definition and I do admit that it’s full of prejudice.  Maybe instead of being a definition of “human” it should be a definition of “Trent”.  You see, I love patterns. Continue reading

The Art Of…

Dabble - Sketch by Trent P McDonaldOften the skill we think we need for an art isn’t the one that’s really required.   So you think the main skill for drawing is hand eye coordination?  The same thing with music, all you need is fluid fingers to play an instrument, so you can hit the right key/valve/finger hole/fret at the right time?  Perhaps all you need for writing is good spelling and grammar?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Topic Switching Part 2 – Large Scale Switching

Dark Moon

My last post was on the subject of topic switching. A person who topic switches will change the subject of a conversion repeatedly and seemingly randomly. It is as if her mind is racing so far ahead she doesn’t realize she’s skipped big chunks of the conversation. Or that he is so impulsive he spits out anything as soon as it comes to mind.

This post is about something completely different yet, in a strange way, related. I will call it “Large Scale Topic Switching”. Continue reading

Finished? I Don’t Think So…

Half a Trent - Self Portrait in oils, manipulated digitally

“OK, I’m finished.”

The painting instructor came over to look at my work.  He studied it intently, his brow furrowing.  After a few minutes he asked, “You’re done?  Is this a study?  I think this looks pretty good so you should continue working with it.”  He left to check someone else’s work. Continue reading

The 750 Word Challenge

750 word challenge - drawing by Trent P McDonaldNote – this is an old post.  I’ve updated the story list at the end through 2014, but have stopped.  For a complete list, see the page “The 750 Word Challenge“.

People who follow my blog may notice that I get a bit verbose, am often a little wordy, I go on for too long, I…  ooops, sorry.  Yes, my posts are often too long.  I understand that a good blog should be short and sweet, concise and to the point.  I understand and yet I still go on and on.  Of course it isn’t just my blog, I tend to get a bit wordy in all of my writing.  That’s one reason I like the 750 word challenge. Continue reading