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Beta Readers Wanted!

Old Mill on two Rivers

Hi!  I’m looking for one or two beta readers for my WIP, The Old Mill.  I have just finished the third draft and am pausing for feedback before I start the copy editing; you know, the fixing typos, wrong words, etc., to make it publish ready phase.  Why am I looking for beta readers before cleaning up the manuscript?  Just in case some of the feedback warrants a rewrite of entire sections.  I want all of the big changes (larger than correcting words and sentences) completed before I worry about those little details.

A little history

I posted The Old Mill as a serial story back in 2017.  It is possible you may have read that very rough draft already!  Early last year I began a complete rewrite.  The basic story is the same, but I added detail and filled out the characters.  I also changed POV, which is why it had to be a rewrite. Continue reading

Looking for Beta-Readers!

The Halley Branch Cover - front

I’m looking for Beta-Readers for the Halley Branch.  You may have actually read this book!  Yes, I originally posted this as a serialized novel a few years back.  But it has changed a bit since then. Mostly some details have been filled in, characters made “real” and that type of stuff to make a bunch of blog posts become an actually book.

The Book

The book is a bit of a ghost story with “magic” and strange philosophy.  Paranormal?  I think of it as some place between contemporary fantasy and horror, perhaps closer to horror.  Not copying Stephen King, but in that vicinity.  I am posting the blurb at the bottom of the page.  The book is about 100K words.  There is some (not much) “bad” language and a few “adult situations”, though nothing in any graphic detail (if you make it past the first chapter, you are set).  Maybe one or two disturbing scenes, though these were posted on the blog without any complaints (as was most of the more sexual parts).

Where We Are

I finished the fourth draft of this two months ago.  Last week I read through it and made some minor tweaks.  After I get feedback I will do at least one more revision, perhaps a draft if called for.  After that it will go into editing mode, correcting all of those pesky mistakes that always show up. Continue reading

I Need You! (beta readers)


I’ve posted a few times that I’m working on a book of short stories.  Most of the editing has been completed so I need a beta reader or two (or three).

As I said, I’ve done most of the large scale editing and loosely put the book together.  I’m looking for some input on things such as do all of the stories work?  Does the order make sense?  Are there large scale problems with any of the stories?  Punctuation, grammar, and little details like that will come after I do this phase.  I will take recommendations, make corrections, then finish it up and send it out to be edited at that low level. Continue reading