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Throwback – Political Encounters


On Monday I hinted that there were further stories involving Secretary Kerry, the Secret Service and big name politicians.  Yes, there are.  First, a little background.

I live in New Hampshire.  Anyone who has paid attention to US presidential politics may know that this means that anyone hoping to become the President of the United States spends a lot of time in my state.  In various events, house parties, fund raisers, open speeches and rallies I have seen Congresspeople, sitting Senators, former Senators, future Senators, Governors (past present and future), cabinet members (past, present and future) and Presidents (former, present and future).  I’ve shaken many hands and have stood inches away from a Senator giving a speech (I tried to hide in a corner and he came and stood next to me; I’m not sure why…).  So seeing high level politicians and the Secret Service is a normal part of NH life.  I also once saw, during his brief retirement, Secretary Kerry speak  to a small gathering on Nantucket.  I think the topic was the environment.

But today’s story is a little different. Continue reading