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If We Were Having Coffee on the Sixth of June, 2020

Coffee on Cape Cod

Hello and Welcome!  Come on over and sit down!  Actually, it is pretty wet out, but there is a sheltered area – it’s like a wall-less room off of the side of the back barn just to the right of the photo at the top.  I think the rain has stopped and it will be a nice day.  Where are we?  Some may recognize that photo as being from Cape Cod.

I’m not sure what to talk about this week.  The same=old, same-old, of course – work, walking the dogs, exercise, etc.  Weather – after being so hot, the temperatures crashed, but they have come back up to normal now.  Lack of hair cuts – I tell people I am going after the Franz Liszt look… (google it ;) )  I haven’t been blogging much the last few days.

Then there is the wider world.  Yeah.  Perhaps I will do a longer post on that later.  It is very complex, but people simplify it so much. Sigh.  OK, real quick: Continue reading