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Lunch on Saturday


So, wandering around the water front after touring the Harpoon Brewery we decided to have a relatively late lunch.  As long as we were going to have lunch we decided we’d go in style so went to Legal Harborside.  You wouldn’t think there would be a problem with 3 floors of dining and with us running a little after noon, but when we got there we found a wait for the dining room.  Well, a table off to the side in the front windows was open with no wait.  No great view of the harbor, just a city street, but still, we had a table and we could eat.

I had noticed a lot of police on the way up to the door but I didn’t think about it.  As we sat we watched more and more police and then we noticed some Secret Service people.  OK, who could be coming?  If it was the president or either of the two candidates I don’t think we’d get in without a security check.  I looked around and saw some photographers on the stairway to the second floor intermixed with secret Service (I have seen Secret Service quite a few times.  I know what they look like and can tell them from a body guard trying to look like Secret Service.) Continue reading