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The Weekly Smile 11/26/2018 #weeklysmile


There was a lot to smile about this last week!  Talking to friends and family.  Good times.  Good food.  Playing with puppies.  Walks in the woods.  Getting my next book, Embers, loaded into KDP.  The list goes on.  But I will talk about something odd instead.  Maybe some other Introverts out there will understand ;)

I was doing my typical (for when I am on Cape Cod) morning walk on Chapin’s Beach on Saturday.  Even though it had warmed up significantly and the wind had died down, I had it to myself.  (Note – the best time for walks on the beach are early mornings in the winter.)  The tide was coming in and I enjoyed watching the water gobble up the sand flats.  The photo below is part of the flats that were gone 5 minutes after the photo was taken. Continue reading

Images of Cape Cod – Early September 2016

Swan Family

Yes, only a couple of months late, I have finally had a chance to look through all of the photos from my trip to Cape Cod in early September.  OK, those who follow my blog know I am down there all of the time, but I am talking about a trip that lasted more than a week, a trip that had my parents spending most of that week of it with us.

Stormy Seas

It was a stormy week, with a hurricane coming at us.  There was some stormy weather, but then it fizzled out.  We spend a day at the beach watching in the rain as the waves lashed the shore.  There was actually some seals in the surf!  You can see one in the gallery below. Continue reading

Seal Hunting ;)


On Saturday I went out to my favorite beach, Chapin Beach in Dennis.  It was very foggy and sprinkling a bit, so I decided not to bring my camera.  I hadn’t really been paying too much attention to the tides so was happy to find it was approaching low tide – there would be huge expanses of sand to explore.

When I was out at the waters edge, listening to the gently surf and looking across the foggy expanses of sea water, I heard an eerie sound.  It happened again from some dark dots in the water.  I walked over and recognized a seal bark.  Then I saw them, I counted over twenty, most in a large group, some swimming farther away, some coming and going.  They were very close in.

So, without a camera all I had was my phone.  I’ve said this many times, my phone camera stinks for taking pictures of “things”.  It’s great for ultra-wide angle panoramas, but a close up?  Once I saw a snake and decided to get a picture to see if it was poisonous.  I’m glad it wasn’t, because I’d be dead: I had to get less than 10 cm from it to get a picture.  The hawk pictures I took this summer?  They were all horrid unless i was less than two meters from the bird, even then they weren’t good unless I stuck my hand within a meter of that nasty beak.  So, armed with only that, what was I to do?

I had on Tevas (water sandals) and shorts.  I hiked my shorts up as tight as I could get them (I’m glad it was too foggy for the one or two people on the beach to see what I was doing as I know my back-end was a little exposed….)  I waded out until, well, I got my shorts wet even hiked up that high….  And I reached my free hand out to take pictures.

OK, a few things.  yes, I’m talking New England in late October.  But the water was surprisingly warm!  And I could see the seals so clearly – I could see their eyes, nostrils and even whiskers.  I was that close!  I could hear them breathing!  Wild!  And, yeah, I could see people, but they were quite a ways away, hopefully not laughing at my exposed bum getting wet.

So, how did the pictures turn out?  The below picture, perhaps the best, was rotated and cropped a little.  Great, huh?


OK, I officially hate my phone’s camera!  And look at the picture at the top – I was about as far away from shore as I was from the seals….  (that picture was very out of alignment and had to be rotated and cropped even more than the others)

Here’s another!  Cropped more than the other seal picture.


WooHoo!  Isn’t that great?!?  If you don’t hear sarcasm, look again at the picture ;)

So, when it is finally time to replace my phone (it is over two years old but, other than the camera, works great and keep a charge better than most new phones), I will have to ask about the camera and make sure it can do something other than panoramas.  But then, this one does panoramas so well!

Chapin Beach

Cape Cod in Late April, 2016


I spent most of the last week of April down on Cape Cod.  Although on the cool side, the weather was gorgeous.  It clouded over a few times, but most of the time it was sunny.  Of course I had my camera and documented a bit of the sunshine.

In the spring some of the beaches are closed to dogs and wheeled traffic.  Why?  Because the Piping Plovers are nesting.  Piping Plovers, a  bird no bigger than a single fist, is an endangered species.  If they get upset at all they leave their nests.  Usually they keep trying and will build a new nest, but if they are disturbed enough times they won’t have any chicks before the season is over.  There are something like 6500 in the world, which is double what they were only a decade ago.  Of that 6500, at least a dozen are on Chapin Beach in Dennis.  If you follow my blog  you’ve seen  that name.

Piping Plover

So I saw quite a few Piping Plovers. Continue reading

Late Winter/Early Spring 2016 on Cape Cod

Chapin Beach

I spent a few days in late- March on Cape Cod.  OK, I know most of my long time readers will say, “So, what’s new?”  This was in ways a mini-vacation.  I went down Wednesday night and took 5 hours off of work on Friday.  I was able to spend more time out and doing stuff than I have in a while.  I went to the beach every day and kayaked every day.  I only walked in the woods once, but it was very nice. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 26 – Coffee on the Beach


Yesterday started off with snow.  And then came the cold rain.  All day.  Miserable.  Wet. Cold.  Needless to say, I did not spend much time outside yesterday, preferring the relative warmth of the cottage.

Today is not the greatest day weather-wise.  It was cool and damp.  But anything would beat yesterday!  So I went out for a long walk on the beach, travel mug of coffee in hand.  And it was great!  Sure I ended up wading in the cold water, but who cares?  Pneumonia is temporary, memories last a lifetime ;)  I do so love walking on the beach no matter the time of year.  Laying in the sun on the beach?  Boring.  Walking?  That is for me!  Just thinking of this morning’s walk makes me smile :)

Oh, notice the dark clouds in the top picture?  Yeah, no rain, but it looked awful!  Photos are from my phone.


Cape Cod – Late Summer 2015 – Photos

We spent a little over a week down on Cape Cod at the end of August and into September.  We were joined by my parents for a big chunk of it.  I haven’t been posting many pictures here lately, so I decided to go through the 500 or so pictures from the week and put a little something up. Continue reading