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The Weekly Smile 11/26/2018 #weeklysmile


There was a lot to smile about this last week!  Talking to friends and family.  Good times.  Good food.  Playing with puppies.  Walks in the woods.  Getting my next book, Embers, loaded into KDP.  The list goes on.  But I will talk about something odd instead.  Maybe some other Introverts out there will understand ;)

I was doing my typical (for when I am on Cape Cod) morning walk on Chapin’s Beach on Saturday.  Even though it had warmed up significantly and the wind had died down, I had it to myself.  (Note – the best time for walks on the beach are early mornings in the winter.)  The tide was coming in and I enjoyed watching the water gobble up the sand flats.  The photo below is part of the flats that were gone 5 minutes after the photo was taken. Continue reading

Cape Cod in Late April, 2016


I spent most of the last week of April down on Cape Cod.  Although on the cool side, the weather was gorgeous.  It clouded over a few times, but most of the time it was sunny.  Of course I had my camera and documented a bit of the sunshine.

In the spring some of the beaches are closed to dogs and wheeled traffic.  Why?  Because the Piping Plovers are nesting.  Piping Plovers, a  bird no bigger than a single fist, is an endangered species.  If they get upset at all they leave their nests.  Usually they keep trying and will build a new nest, but if they are disturbed enough times they won’t have any chicks before the season is over.  There are something like 6500 in the world, which is double what they were only a decade ago.  Of that 6500, at least a dozen are on Chapin Beach in Dennis.  If you follow my blog  you’ve seen  that name.

Piping Plover

So I saw quite a few Piping Plovers. Continue reading

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand - Cut Off

Footprints in the Sand – Cut Off

My footprints
Trail behind me
The first human
To walk this land
But I know
In a few short hours
They will be gone
Erased from the sand
This land I now call mine
Is the newest in the world
I watch it being born
As each wave
Travels a little less far across the sand
But this is one of the oldest acts
Our ancient world does know
The moon bent waters
Have ticked its strange time
Since our satellite orb
Graced earth with its glow
The tide built and destroyed
Before life was in the sea
Today I walk this land
This magic flat
It created
Just for me

Chapins Beach

Grains of Sand (Repost)

Somebody dragged this out of the archives this morning.  Not sure why, but after seeing it again I have to post it.  It is almost exactly a year old, being posted on 22 April 2014.  Click on the pictures for more detail.

Chapins Beach

Count all the beach sand
Every microscopic grain
Still I love you more Continue reading

Early Spring on Cape Cod – Return of the Osprey!

I spent the weekend on Cape Cod, known around here as just “The Cape”.  I say that because I know I sometimes confuse my African readers with “The Cape”:)  This has been a very harsh winter and yet, at last, Spring has arrived.

As always I took quite a few photos, even though many were in the rain.  We did have some sunshine.  In fact, the second it stopped raining on Saturday I was on my way to Chapin Beach.  This beach has tidal flats that stretch out well over a kilometer, but I got there at high tide.  I’m not sure if it was the full moon, the north-west wind or what, but I don’t think I’ve seen the tide as high. Continue reading

On, In, Under & Over the Water – Cape Cod

Here are quite a few shots from Cape Cod that I took over two trips in the last three weeks.  They were all taken from the kayak, on a beach, or standing by a salt water pond.   All pictures taken in Dennis MA. Continue reading