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The Coventry Carol – Video

Notre Dame

I have always like The Coventry Carol.  I’m into dark, medieval music, particularly Christmas music, which seems like it should be bright, not dark.  So I decided I wanted to record it.  But I needed a little research first.  I was surprised at what I found, and this led to the video (hint, read this before listening)

The carol was part of a “mystery play” that went back to the 14th century.  The words were written down in the early 16th century and the music in the late 16th century, some believe in a bid to try to get it performed again (it wasn’t).  This song is about the slaughter of the innocents.

Yes, The Coventry Carol is a lullaby sung by the women of Bethlehem to try to calm their frightened babies as they wait for Herod’s men to murder the babies. “Bye bye, lully lullay.” Nice, right? So “the little tiny child” in the song is not the baby Jesus, but some poor, doomed child.

The words and music survived as much by accident as anything, as such things do, and was revived again in the 20th century.During The Battle of Britain in WW2, the Germans bombed Coventry on the 14th of November, 1940.  On Christmas, 1940, the BBC played The Coventry Carol live as it was being sung from the bombed out ruins of the Coventry cathedral.

So the song went from the poor woman resigned to their fate when brought up against powers beyond their understanding to the women shaking their fists at the sky when brought up against these powers.  You may bomb us and kill our children, but we will rise from the ashes. Continue reading

Christmas Cards

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

There is a tradition in my family for homemade Christmas cards.  My mom has made cards since well before I was born, maybe even back into the 1950s.  We get a hand made card every year.

I made my own cards for about a decade, though I haven’t done any in quite a while.  Unfortunately I can’t find several of the photos I used, but I did find the majority.  I could only find an already printed card for one year, but I scanned it in.  You can see the whole front of that card at the top of the page.

I always used the pictures of our cats, Bartelby and Claudius, on the back of every card.

I previously put up a post about the photo and the painting based on the photo of the back-lit bulb that appears to be glowing.  These were used two different years.

So here are some of the images I used for my past Christmas cards (click on a picture for detail and to see the “slide show”):