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Art at Trent’s World


There once was a time when I used to put up a hand-drawn picture at least once a week.  I’d like to start drawing again, but it is time consuming.  As motivation, I’ll post some of my favorite art work, including those I did for The Halley Branch and The Fireborn.

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The Art of Trent’s World (Again, again)

(This is another summer rerun.  Actually, I’ve posted this twice.  This time, however, I’m going to add a few more pictures to the gallery, almost doubling it.)

It began innocently enough.

Last December (well, December 2013!) I wrote a story about a hiker caught by a blizzard at the top of a New Hampshire mountain. I wanted an illustration. I was away from home and didn’t have any resources beyond a bland version of Windows paint. I spent a few minutes to make a quick B&W computer sketch and put it up.


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Demo – New “Hybrid” Self-Portrait

For my “First Monday Image” I was going to try something a little different. I had planned on showing a step-by-step example from idea to finished product of one of my little drawing-computer painting hybrids. This process usually takes between one and two hours. The problem is I could not think of anything to draw so I decided to do a self-portrait. Well, that changed everything.

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