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Almost Scammed (Real Scam I Narrowly Avoided)

Two quick comments before I start – first, this is not fiction.  Second, nothing was taken from me, so I’m fine.

Yesterday I received a scam call.  They did a good job and I can see how an average person can be fooled.  Truthfully, when you hear about these things you ask how people can be so ignorant to fall for it, but these people are experts and now I know…

I typically do not answer calls unless I know the caller, but I was having difficulty with my work VPN, a difficulty which I was 90% convinced was on my end, not work’s end, so people had to call me instead of using work’s IM feature.  So, yeah, I answered a call without knowing who was calling.

A female automated voice said something like, “This is an important call from your Internet provider, Comcast.  We have detected an issue with your Internet connection.  Please dial one to be connected with a technician.”

OK, I was having Internet issues, so must be legit, right?  I dialed “1”.

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