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Images of a Rusty Bridge


When I posted the picture of my revamped studio did you notice the paintings?  The best one, the one near the center, isn’t mine.  The other, the red and purple one on the right, is mine.  Looking at that photo made me go back and take a look at the painting and it’s history. Continue reading

Studio Reorganization, Part II

New Studio

About 2 weeks ago I put up a post about my “studio” reorganization.  I post a picture of the old layout (see below), with it’s Rick Wakeman influenced circle of keyboards.  Of course most of those keyboards weren’t being used, but who cares?  It looked impressive.  Just look at the photo below this paragraph. Continue reading



I’m reorganizing my creative workspace.  It’s a long, hard haul, but it must be done.  But before I go into some of the reasons I’m reorganizing, I need to explain the picture at the top.

This picture was taken in 2011 after the last time I reorganized.  I had been composing classical music and had decided to switch back to a more pop/rock/jazz sound.  I wrote my classical music directly onto manuscript paper.  At first I really did use paper, but later I used a program with virtual paper.  I had a single keyboard set up so I could play parts to make sure they sounded right.  When I moved to the more performance orient styles, I need a performance oriented set up, which I created, as witnessed by this photo. Continue reading