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Cape Cod July 2016

sunset on Swan Pond

I didn’t take quite as many photos in July as I have previous years, but I think one or two of these are pretty good.

A few things – I took a lot of pictures of egrets, both snowy and great, but had zero come out.  Bummer.  The swans are more standoffish this year so I have fewer pictures of them.

On the plus side is the osprey.  I saw the oddest thing – an adult osprey sitting on the back of a newly fledged young osprey.  They were both making a racket.  When I got pretty close the adult flew away, but as I was passing it came back again.  Just after I passed by they both flew away.  I have no clue what was going on.  OK, a clue – every year I see adults beating up on newly fledged young birds.  I can only guess they are trying to get the young ones to fend for themselves.  usually it is a young one sitting in a tree or on a pole and the adult attacks making it fly away.   (Young = gold eyes, adult = yellow eyes)


Oh, my guess is these are the same osprey I photographed earlier since it was close to the nest (Photo below from June 25, 2016).



I hope you enjoy the photos!  As always, click on a photo to bring up more detail.  When you bring one up you can scroll through them all.  Enjoy! (All photos on or around Swan Pond/Swan River in Dennis and Dennis Post MA on Cape Cod.)

Photos from Cape Cod, Late June 2016

People who read my blog, and particularly those who read the coffee posts, may remember that I spent a little over a week down on Cape Cod a few weeks back.  Those same people may realize that I visit there quite often, like usually a couple of times a month, and take a lot of pictures.  Well, I didn’t take quite as many pictures as usual and didn’t carry my camera ll of the time.  But I did take some pictures, some which I think are pretty good.

Maybe there’s a slight disappointment that I didn’t carry my camera around as much as I usually do, but I hope you won’t be disappointed in the pictures themselves – I think there a re a few pretty good shots in here.  But I’ll let you make up your own mind.  (All of these pictures where taken from the kayak either on Swan Pond in Dennis/Dennis Port or on the Swan River in Dennis or Dennis Port.)

As usual, click on a picture to see the full version with more detail.  Once the picture is up you can go through them like a slide show.


Late Winter/Early Spring 2016 on Cape Cod

Chapin Beach

I spent a few days in late- March on Cape Cod.  OK, I know most of my long time readers will say, “So, what’s new?”  This was in ways a mini-vacation.  I went down Wednesday night and took 5 hours off of work on Friday.  I was able to spend more time out and doing stuff than I have in a while.  I went to the beach every day and kayaked every day.  I only walked in the woods once, but it was very nice. Continue reading

Cape Cod – Late Summer 2015 – Photos

We spent a little over a week down on Cape Cod at the end of August and into September.  We were joined by my parents for a big chunk of it.  I haven’t been posting many pictures here lately, so I decided to go through the 500 or so pictures from the week and put a little something up. Continue reading

Early Spring on Cape Cod – Return of the Osprey!

I spent the weekend on Cape Cod, known around here as just “The Cape”.  I say that because I know I sometimes confuse my African readers with “The Cape”:)  This has been a very harsh winter and yet, at last, Spring has arrived.

As always I took quite a few photos, even though many were in the rain.  We did have some sunshine.  In fact, the second it stopped raining on Saturday I was on my way to Chapin Beach.  This beach has tidal flats that stretch out well over a kilometer, but I got there at high tide.  I’m not sure if it was the full moon, the north-west wind or what, but I don’t think I’ve seen the tide as high. Continue reading

Swans Part II


My vacation house in Dennis Port is very close to two bodies of water. I’m not talking about Nantucket Sound and Massachusetts Bay, I’m talking about Swan Pond and the West Reservoir of the Herring River in Harwich. I’m steps away from one and less than a mile from the other. As the name may indicate, there are swans on Swan Pond, but there are even more on West Reservoir. Continue reading