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Every One a Star

Blackhole Mind

They enter our lives like a star
They illuminate our souls
But when they’re gone like those stars
They become black holes
Less than void
But so much more
An infinitely heavy nothing
Sucking the light from our core
But look away from the event horizon
Look at those out there
There are people still alive
People who still do care
Look around for those who love you
Look both near and far
For they can bring the light
To your broken heart
Every one a star

Your Sun

Blackhole Mind

It’s a grey day
Cold and wet
I’ve had a large coffee
But my brain
Hasn’t started yet
Full of fog
And kind of numb
I can’t think straight
Or do right
I feel dumb
My thoughts
Come out so hazy
And I don’t want
To do anything
I’m awfully lazy
The opposite of happy
Isn’t sad
I have to say
It’s complete void
That feels so bad Continue reading