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Photos of Maine Over Thanksgiving

Mt. Katahdin

I used to do a photo post at least once a month.  I have done very few this year… I was taking a lot of pictures, but they were “rotting” on my computer, not even a glance of regret.  And then I stopped taking them altogether.  Why bother?  So I took a lot of photos in Maine, mostly of my dogs ;)


There is a great view out of my in-laws window and I took quite a few photos from there, seeing all types of light. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile for the 26th of August, 2019

I had quite a bit to smile about this week, but I decided to chose something a little funny.  I don’t know, I was just in that type of mood ;)

Yesterday I was puttering around the house doing small odd jobs.  The dogs were watching me very closely.  I said, “In a few minutes I am going to t-a-k-e t-h-e d-o-g-s o-u-t-s-i-d-e.”  I spelled the words very slowly so they wouldn’t be able to connect the sounds and make the words, but they jumped up and ran to the door.  They started whining.  Oh no, does that mean that the can spell now?

I played with the dogs in the back yard for a while and when they started to slow down I took them for a walk.  Fiyero (the brindle boxer) brought his ball.  At one point he dropped it and so I picked it up.  As we were heading back, he started prancing and looking at me expectantly.  I knew what he wanted.

“No, I will give it to you later.”  He still glared.  “Right after we cross that road there I will give it to you.” Continue reading

The Weekly Smile 2/11/2019 #weeklysmile


My dogs love to play in our back yard.  There are a couple of relatively flat areas on different levels and then a steep, wooded area behind it all.  The run and play and play-fight and just have a great time.

It was really wet early in the week so I didn’t let them play much – they got so muddy so quick! But then the cold moved back in and the ground froze.

The boxer, Fiyero, loves to play with a ball.  Sometimes he wants to play with me with it, sometimes he just likes it close while he does other things, usually keeping a paw on it at all times.  But sometimes he plays on the hill. Some new paths have opened up an it was possible for the ball to roll down a path that descends more than 25 vertical feet (8 meters). Of course if he doesn’t stop it by then and it hits the drive, it might roll down another 5 clever feet into the church that’s next door neighbors to us. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile 11/5/2018 #weekly Smile


Hi all!  This was a weird week.  i was sick.  Boo.  thinking of “Boo”, it was also Halloween week, the week of my favorite holiday!  And I had a birthday.  My birthday was on Halloween, which is one reason Halloween is my favorite holiday ;)  I spent several days down at the cottage on Cape Cod.  Always a great smile there.

Which brings up this week’s smile – Dogs Playing in the Surf.

Late Saturday afternoon we took the dogs down to the beach.  It was super windy!  But it was reasonably warm, in the low 60s F (around 17 C).  Well, not warm, but not cold.  Jacket weather, but not coat and gloves.  or hats – I always were a hat, but I couldn’t in the wind!

The beach was empty.  My guess is that the wind scared everyone off.  So we let the dogs run free.  Not that they went very far from us – stick close at all times.  But they had a blast!  The ran, played, fought (play fight) and all of that other stuff dogs do when having a beach vacation.  Fiyero spent a lot of time in the water, going under some of the bigger waves!  Continue reading

I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile 81 Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Have you ever watched large dogs playing?  The first time can be scary.  They growl, show their teeth, etc.   But once you get used to it, it’s very fun and funny to watch them.  Fiyero and Idina are very rough players, though they rarely give each other nicks or anything – they only get those when they are at Doggie Daycare.  It is actually funny to watch them play.

This morning they wanted to play right after their morning walk.  They walk separately (to avoid the play time!).  When they returned they would wrestle, stop, look at me and whine.  For many reasons I couldn’t let them loose to play out back, so after a while I walked them together.  Of course they wrestled for a few minutes on in our yard before we left.  Once we left, though, they wanted to go at a jog.  They knew where we were headed! Continue reading

Yes, we Did Have Winter this Year

Snow covered tree

Over the weekend, being stuck inside due to ill health, I finally looked at the photos I took earlier in the month.  It was amazing to see that despite the late spring-like temperatures of February 24, how bad the weather was just 11 days before that, on February 13.  We had snow on average of every other day for the first two weeks of February, including a couple of decent size storms.  We also had some very cold temperatures to go with all of that snow.  And then, two weeks later and it is 74 F/23 C!  Almost all of the snow is gone!  But then, I see in the long range forecast that they are predicting a large snow storm in about week.  Winter may be back. Continue reading

Throwback – Red Ball

Fiyero with ball 1

Some people think anything more than a few months old is ripe enough for a Throwback Thursday post.  Those of you who have seen my posts know I usually go back decades.  Oh well, the price of age ;)  Today is different, I’m going to go back almost exactly 2 years.  The picture at the top of the page was taken on the 8th of August, 2014.

Notice the red ball?  Little Fiyero, somewhere around 4 months old in that picture, loved that ball.  It was his favorite toy and he constantly wanted to play.  He’d push it against my leg and growl, letting me know he wanted me to try to steal it, and once taken, throw it.  This could happen any time of day or night.  He loved it. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 16 – Dogs and Kids

Brady and Kids

Going through some old pictures I came across the picture at the top of the page.  This was taken in the summer of 2006.  We were at a place on Cape Cod that took dogs.  Some friends stopped by for the afternoon with their 2 kids.  As I was showing them my newest camera, an Olympus E-1, the kids were playing with our white Boxer, Brady.    It’s funny because nobody realized i had taken a picture until I sent them this.  I like the picture because it can be any kids and any dog, it does matter.  It is the play that is the same.

A Smile a Day – Day 4 – Lazy Dog Fetch


I’ll admit that little makes me smile as much as my furry family members.  A few weeks ago I posted a video of my Boxer Fiyero chasing a ball down a hill in the woods.  It’s one of his favorite games.  He also likes to catch the ball.  Sometimes he will combine the two activities.  He will sit at the top of a hill.  I throw the ball.  He catches it and then drops it so it rolls to me feet.  We repeat.  I call it “Lazy Dog Fetch”.  It’s hard to see the actual catch in this 8 second video – if you repeat it you may, uhm, catch it.

(Click here is you don’t see the video)

Here is the chasing through the woods video – it’s 38 seconds and set to music, something i now call “Gravity’s Playmate”.

(Click here if you didn’t see the video)

Yes, it is my dog, but something about watching him play brings a smile to my face. How about you?  Do like to see the enthusiasm dogs can bring to their play?