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A Smile a Day – Day 14 – Idina

Idina with the magic stick

Idina had a question for me.  “Why do you seem to always post about Fiyero?  Were are my posts?” she asked with her big puppy dog eyes.  I hung my head.  I didn’t really have an answer.

Idina is our rescue dog.  She is most likely mostly Pit but there are other things thrown in for good measure.  She is as sweet as any dog can be.  She is not sparing on the “kisses” at all.  If you want to be licked from head to toe, just talk to Idina.  She is also ultra-playful.  She doesn’t get a lot of Fiyero’s games and has no use for most toys, thinking only guys like ball sports.  She is more a rough and tumble type gal, preferring to run and wrestle.  And run she does!  She is fast and agile.  Sometimes Fiyero can catch up on a long stretch, but lately she’s been beating him even on the long runs.  And if he starts catching up, she just needs to change directions.  She also keeps running and running long after Fiyero is a pooped pup.  He’ll let her run around and only chase her in short bursts when she gets close enough. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 4 – Lazy Dog Fetch


I’ll admit that little makes me smile as much as my furry family members.  A few weeks ago I posted a video of my Boxer Fiyero chasing a ball down a hill in the woods.  It’s one of his favorite games.  He also likes to catch the ball.  Sometimes he will combine the two activities.  He will sit at the top of a hill.  I throw the ball.  He catches it and then drops it so it rolls to me feet.  We repeat.  I call it “Lazy Dog Fetch”.  It’s hard to see the actual catch in this 8 second video – if you repeat it you may, uhm, catch it.

(Click here is you don’t see the video)

Here is the chasing through the woods video – it’s 38 seconds and set to music, something i now call “Gravity’s Playmate”.

(Click here if you didn’t see the video)

Yes, it is my dog, but something about watching him play brings a smile to my face. How about you?  Do like to see the enthusiasm dogs can bring to their play?


Throw Back Thursday Photo – 10 Years Ago Today – Diane and Brady


Dinae and BradyOK, I’m not sure of the exact date, but this picture was taken sometime during the first two weeks of November 2005.  Brady was almost a year old at this point.  He was our first Boxer.  He was great dog.  I may do a post on just him someday.  But for now I hope you enjoy this picture of a mother’s love for her child, even a furry child ;) (No, he isn’t that tall, she’s holding him)

Gravity’s Playmate


When Fiyero was 8 weeks old and came to live with us, I’d roll a ball up the drive and have him chase it as it came back down.  He quickly figured it out and started to carry it up himself.  Then he did it with hills in the yard.  Now he goes into the woods and rolls them down very steep hills.  He can entertain himself for hours that way.  Of course if Idina is around he plays with her and he still likes me to throw the ball, but Gravity is one of his favorite playmates.

I took some video with my phone today.  My phone has an ultra wide angle lens.  It is useless for anything except panoramic pictures, but it does a great job with those.  The problem is you can’t tell how big or steep the hill is.  It looks small in the video.  Still, it’s kind of fun.

So here it is, Gravity’s Playmate.

(If you don’t see the video below, please click here)

Elliot and Sushi Dance – Video

Early in February of 2014 we lost our Boxer Elliot Carter McDonald.  yes, he was named after the famous American Composer, Elliott Carter.  Only a little over a month later we lost our Shih Tzu, Sushi.  Sushi had heart issues that became much worse after Elliot passed away.

Today I discovered this video.  I had recorded it almost exactly 5 years ago – we brought Elliot home on Valentine’s Day.  Elliot was just a little thing.  He was sometimes able to entice Sushi to play when he was this size,though later he couldn’t. Continue reading

Some Pictures of New Hampshire on February 10th

I guess I can say we’ve had a little snow this year.  Actually, on further reflection I should say we’ve had a lot of snow over the last two and half weeks since there was very little before that.  The snow fall for the last three weeks is someplace in the range of 1.5 m to 2 m.  For my fellow Americans, that’s around 6 feet.   That’s a lot of shoveling.  In fact, I had to break out the snow shovel every day for the last three days.  And of course the half a dozen times before that.

I tried to get a few shots to show how much snow there is, but it’s hard.  First, I had to use a wide angle lens which make the piles look smaller.  Also it’s hard to get the right perspective.  And then, because there has been a lot of settling, some melting and sublimation, the snow isn’t a two meter deep carpet of white powder. Continue reading

The Kitten


There’s a kitten in my lap
A gentle bubble of purrs
Face lifts towards mine
Graceful head
Looks for a rub
Chin Stretched
For a scratch
she seems to say,
When is the puppy
Going to be gone?

Last night I was woken out a deep sleep.  Josie needed to be held and cuddled.  She occasionally lifter her head to glance at the intruder.  Now she’s curled in my lap, acting like there is no intruder – Idina can’t get to my office. At least not yet, but soon she will.

No Josie, no Albert, Idina is here for the long haul ; )

Idina crashed

Idina – New Puppy, New Photos

It was, very cold.  The wind was howling.  It would have been a great day to hang out at home, but we drove a little over an hour to Kittery, Maine.  After waiting in a deserted parking lot for almost an hour a truck with a trailer pulls up.  It was almost midnight.  People walk out of the four cars and trucks that were in the parking lot, walk to the far side of the truck, out of sight.  They emerge with something tucked in their arms and hurry out of the cold to the waiting warmth of their vehicles.

What was the man in the truck dealing?  Some nasty drug? Continue reading

Mid January on Cape Cod and Beyond

I was down on Cape Cod earlier in January and, as usual, took quite a few pictures. As you may guess, however, mid-January is not the most exciting time for photography, particularly since the weather was so awful. I did get a few OK shots. I was also playing with my Christmas present, a new lens. It’s a 1.8 F 45mm which, on a fourth-thirds camera, is used mostly as a portrait lens. So I included a few portraits of my dog Fiyero and my Cats Josephine and Albert.  The apple was also a lens test. Continue reading