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Walking the Dog in 2020 – A Cartoon



Dog Walking, 2020

Yesterday when I had Idina and Fiyero out for a walk I saw someone coming towards me with their dog.  I changed directions and took a side street.  Sure, it might have been OK, but Idina sometimes acts like a mad thing, particularly if the other dog is a female. But as I walked the other way, I started to think about Social Isolation and its effects on dog walking in 2020.  I hope you got a smile from this little cartoon :)

(Note – I just posted a slightly tweaked version of the cartoon)

Photos of Maine Over Thanksgiving

Mt. Katahdin

I used to do a photo post at least once a month.  I have done very few this year… I was taking a lot of pictures, but they were “rotting” on my computer, not even a glance of regret.  And then I stopped taking them altogether.  Why bother?  So I took a lot of photos in Maine, mostly of my dogs ;)


There is a great view out of my in-laws window and I took quite a few photos from there, seeing all types of light. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile 11/5/2018 #weekly Smile


Hi all!  This was a weird week.  i was sick.  Boo.  thinking of “Boo”, it was also Halloween week, the week of my favorite holiday!  And I had a birthday.  My birthday was on Halloween, which is one reason Halloween is my favorite holiday ;)  I spent several days down at the cottage on Cape Cod.  Always a great smile there.

Which brings up this week’s smile – Dogs Playing in the Surf.

Late Saturday afternoon we took the dogs down to the beach.  It was super windy!  But it was reasonably warm, in the low 60s F (around 17 C).  Well, not warm, but not cold.  Jacket weather, but not coat and gloves.  or hats – I always were a hat, but I couldn’t in the wind!

The beach was empty.  My guess is that the wind scared everyone off.  So we let the dogs run free.  Not that they went very far from us – stick close at all times.  But they had a blast!  The ran, played, fought (play fight) and all of that other stuff dogs do when having a beach vacation.  Fiyero spent a lot of time in the water, going under some of the bigger waves!  Continue reading

What Was That? – Something I Saw

I was walking the dogs late Friday evening.  This is a small residential area on the shore of Swan Pond and, though we were walking after dark, it was well lit.  The walk goes around a short loop, with the total walk being a little less than a half of a mile, maybe closer to a third.

At one point on the walk, the street we were walking on dead ends at a T-intersection.  There is a totally empty lot (no house) on the corner and it is wooded behind the houses across the street from the “vertical” of the “T”, along the “straight”.

Idiana was sniffing around some bushes on the open lot, when Firyeo suddenly pulled like he wanted to chase something.  He stopped and watched, knowing he couldn’t catch whatever it was.  I looked up as soon as I felt the pull.  I saw something white at the edge of the road across from us, but it was moving very rapidly.  It disappeared behind the houses into the woods in less than a second.  Far less than a second – it was like a flash.  I did not hear or see it cross the road, but from Fiyero’s reaction and the position I first saw it, it had to have crossed the road.

What was it?

My first impulse was that it was a white plastic bag blowing in the wind.  A few problems, though.  yes, it was windy, very windy, but I could feel very little where we were.  Also, the roofs were not being ripped off of the houses.  If a bag was traveling that fast, I would expect there to be some wind damage.

It was too fast and too high up to be a rabbit.  Also, rabbits usually run in short spurts and then hide, not for long distances.

My next thought was a deer.  That is a strong possibility, but I can’t understand how it would have crossed the road without me hearing it.  Also, I have seen deer sprint away from me, and they do not move this fast.  I guess it is possible.  A white tail deer can reach a maximum of 30 mph.  That is still pretty darned fast, but this was far, far faster than a car on that road.  I also didn’t see a body, just the white, which, if a deer, would be the tail and hind quarters.  Odd.

In the summer there are falcons in the area, which are the fastest animals on Earth.  But at night?  In the winter?  And I heard no flapping.  The speed, though, made me think in this direction.  If it traveled 50 feet in a quarter of a second, that would put it at over 120 mph.  Falcon speed.  But being a falcon is very improbable.

My next thought was an owl.  There are several owls in the area.  I have heard them and seen some.  Several different species.  Owls can fly very silent and very fast.  A great horned owl, which can be found around here, can travel at over 40 mph/65 kph.    If it was an owl, it must have already had some momentum when it passed us.  Even 40 seems slow.  There have been a few times that I spooked an owl and watched it fly off.  This was much, much faster.  Still, in my opinion this is the most likely “suspect”.

But what if it were not a natural being?  Or at least not an Earthly being?  Perhaps it was a space alien.  How about a spirit?  Some supernatural being?  It could have been a magical creature.  As I said, the 40 mph of an owl seems slow.

What do you think I saw?

— —

The photo at the top is Swan Pond earlier in the winter when it was frozen over.  It was not frozen this weekend.  In fact, I went kayaking on Saturday…

Idina – Superhero!

(sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on Idina!  Let’s go!

(sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on!  I have to get back.  I’m working today.

(sniff, sniff)

Idina, now!  I can only be away for a minute.  I’m technically at work.

(sniff.  So am I.  sniff)

Come on, I have to prepare for an important meeting!

(sniff, sniff.  This is more important! sniff)

I’m earning money for kibble.  What’s more important than kibble?

(sniff, sniff.  I’m protecting us.  I’m saving us from harm. sniff)

Come on, Idina!  You’ve been sniffing those tracks for five minutes now!

(sniff, sniff.  This is very important!  I may be saving the world. sniff)

Idian, now!

(sniff, sniff.  World, nothing.  I’m making the Universe a safer place!  Nothing is more important.  Ouch.  Why did you have to tug so hard?)

Come on, Idina!

(OK, OK, I guess the Universe can take care of itself for a couple of hours while you’re working. )

True story.  or so it would seem from her body language ;)


I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile 81 Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Have you ever watched large dogs playing?  The first time can be scary.  They growl, show their teeth, etc.   But once you get used to it, it’s very fun and funny to watch them.  Fiyero and Idina are very rough players, though they rarely give each other nicks or anything – they only get those when they are at Doggie Daycare.  It is actually funny to watch them play.

This morning they wanted to play right after their morning walk.  They walk separately (to avoid the play time!).  When they returned they would wrestle, stop, look at me and whine.  For many reasons I couldn’t let them loose to play out back, so after a while I walked them together.  Of course they wrestled for a few minutes on in our yard before we left.  Once we left, though, they wanted to go at a jog.  They knew where we were headed! Continue reading

Weekly Smile 79 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

So many smiles, so little time :)  I was on vacation last week and really didn’t say much about it on my weekly smiles.  I’ve been doing some creative work this week, but want to wait until I am finished to mention it.  Yesterday was a major holiday, US Independence Day (known simply as The 4th of July).  I listened in to a lot of our neighbor, Canada, celebrating their 150th birthday.  And the list goes on…

But I’ll do something different.

When I am on Cape Cod, there is a path in the woods about a mile from our cottage.  Every day I bring the dogs there for a long walk.  In fact, if I take them outside at around 3 PM, they will go to the car, sit, and stare at me until I let them.  It is almost impossible to not take them to the woods ;)  But I don’t do that in New Hampshire. Continue reading

Yes, we Did Have Winter this Year

Snow covered tree

Over the weekend, being stuck inside due to ill health, I finally looked at the photos I took earlier in the month.  It was amazing to see that despite the late spring-like temperatures of February 24, how bad the weather was just 11 days before that, on February 13.  We had snow on average of every other day for the first two weeks of February, including a couple of decent size storms.  We also had some very cold temperatures to go with all of that snow.  And then, two weeks later and it is 74 F/23 C!  Almost all of the snow is gone!  But then, I see in the long range forecast that they are predicting a large snow storm in about week.  Winter may be back. Continue reading