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The Weekly Smile


I took three days off of work last week.  That is a big reason to smile :)  I didn’t do a lot and the weather did not cooperate!  I shoveled snow on five occasions (I have six inches of snow waiting for me outside right now…).  It was cold.  I didn’t run or walk the beach. I did little writing or editing.  But it was nice!  For the most part I relaxed and charged my batteries (Friday I drove back and forth all over the Cape all day, but it was good.)


So there was nothing in particular that stood out.  OK, a little house repair, some Craig’s List furniture for the “new” house, etc. But it was jut the relaxation.

This week I smiled because I took some time off for just down time.

What made you smile? Continue reading

Planned Work Slowdown


The freezing rain stopped and mist was rising off of the parking lot in dragon fire tendrils.  I was doing my after-lunch laps, a routine I’ve had for most of my working life.  I’ve written at least three blog posts about the fact that I do a lot of my thinking and creative work while walking and my post-lunch walk is one of those times I let my brain have free rein.  Well, yesterday I was thinking.  That is always dangerous, me and thinking, but this time it might actually be pulling back from danger.  I decided I’m going to take a blog slowdown.  I won’t shut it down completely and I’ll still read a few posts, particularly when I really can’t do anything else, but I’ll slow down. Continue reading

A Bit of Down Time. Maybe.

Chapin Beach

I’ve been away from home since last Thursday afternoon. My vacation started Friday afternoon (I worked from my vacation house on Friday). I’ve been trying to keep up with new posts and reading the blogs I follow, but it’s next to impossible.

I’ll admit, a large part of me would like to be 100% device free when I’m vacationing. Another part of me thinks I should be able to spend a lot of time writing and reading. What actually happens is I do a little reading (sometimes a lot, this time very little) a bit of writing (I wrote 75% of my book while at my vacation house over last summer, but this year it’s slow) and spend time with my brain turned off. Continue reading