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Photos (part 1 of 3) – Everything but the Osprey…

As some of you know, I had on order of 1200 recent photos to dig through. Others may remember that I bought a new super-telephoto zoom lens in May. Because of the large numbers involved, I decided to split it into three posts:

Photos – Everything but the Osprey… (this post)
Photos – Osprey!
Photos – Lens Review

Quick background: After the initial photos I posted in May, I did some walk around in New Hampshire and a long weekend on Cape Cod over Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May). This was a time I was doing a lot of testing and experimenting. I took about 400 photos. I then spent two weeks on Cape Cod, with a bit of time off, in the middle of June. I spent a lot of time on the kayak taking photos and a few walks in the salt marshes and woods. This came in at about 800 photos.

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The Weekly Smile for the 12th of July, 2021 #weeklysmile

Hi all. Yes, I am back after taking a week off of the Smile. And, as you may guess, that is what my smile is about.

I spent a week traveling to Ohio to visit family. It was the first time I saw them in two years. It was nice to see everyone and catch up face-to-face. One thing that had to be seen face to face were the bees.

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Photos from Late June and Early July, 2019

Immature red Tail Hawk flying over

I used to do a lot of photo posts, but haven’t put many up recently.  I have literally thousands of photos from 2018 and early 2019 that I have not even looked at let alone sorted and edited!  over the last week I broke down and looked at the last few.

I spent the last week of June on Cape Cod.  I worked half of the week and entertain guests, so I didn’t take a lot of photos that I can post, but there are a few, like this photo of my nephew fishing. Continue reading

Time and Photos #tanka #haibun #haiku


Time and Photos

Photos beyond count
Raw statistics in folders
No time to revel
I have snapped many pictures
But have left them unopened

I open the ‘Explore’ on my computer and go to photographs.  There are folders ordered by dates staring at me.  Each folder contains a lot of photos, dozens, hundreds.  I leaf through some and find them both familiar and unfamiliar.  I have seen very few of them since the moment I clicked the shutter.  There are birds and people.  There are rabbits and buildings.  There are trees and lakes and seascapes.  Pictures of merrymakers reveling at a wedding reception, dancing to loud music.  Birds sitting on quiet shores or soaring majestically through the air.  Where has the time gone?  Why can’t I just sit down and go through these pieces of memory?  Perhaps even post some on my blog  Ooops, where has the time gone!?! I have to get back to work!!!  Bye… Continue reading

Time and Photos :(


I used to do a weekly “Media Monday” post.  I’m not sure what happened to it.  Well, I do.  One thing you most likely know is that I take a lot of photos.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go through photos.  I have about 2000 photos that I’ve taken over the last three months that I have not looked at.  Anyway, the osprey chick and osprey butt at the top of the page is a sample of some of the photos I have taken without going through. The eagle photo below is another one.  Hopefully sometime I will find the time…


Photos from Ohio – Early June 2017 – Mostly Eagles

Immature eagle flying

I spent a few days in Ohio back in early June.  This is a yearly trip to visit family.  And that’s what most of it was about – visiting.  Of course, part of the visiting where the “eagle hunts” with my father.  We did two of them: one to McGee Marsh and the other, more local to my parents, to Old Woman’s creek.

Even though we saw a lot of the same types of things as usual, there were a few special things.  Some I didn’t notice until I was looking at the photos.

I took quite a few pictures of a great Blue Heron in Lake Erie out at McGee.  Later I discovered that a snapping turtle was right next to the bird.  I can see the  head in almost a dozen photos.  Here is one.  Can you see it? Continue reading

I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

I take a lot of photos.  One problem is going through all of those photos, finding the best, and then editing them to post here (or use in other ways).  I finally had a chance to go through all of my photos from the trip I took to Ohio in early June.  I was surprised by a few of them.  For instance, I took a lot of pictures of a great blue heron in Lake Erie.  As i was going through the photos, I noticed that you can see a turtle in about a half a dozen of the shots.  It was swimming around the bird.  Looking at the head, it must have been a huge snapper.  Was it looking for poultry?  I have a few shots of another great blue shaking the water off like a dog.  I take a lot of pictures of the moon, and I think I took my clearest yet. Continue reading

A Few Birds I Saw in Ohio



I don’t have time to write anything.  These photos were quickly cropped but I didn’t have time to do anything else to them.  Obviously I didn’t take time to decide which were my favorites ;)  Well, I started with over 700, so I did cut the numbers down a bit.  Click on the pictures to bring up more detail – you’ll be glad you did!