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Final Word on Pushup Challenge (I Promise)

OK, I mentioned the pushup challenge on several posts, including using that it is finally over as my Weekly Smile, but I really haven’t talked about it. What was it, how did I get into it, what were my experiences and what are my final thoughts? Well, if you were curious…

About a month ago my brother tagged me on FaceBook for the challenge. It was to do 25 pushups every day for 25 days, video it, and post on FaceBook with a little blurb about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I was also supposed to tag someone every day, but, just NO.

I’m in pretty good shape. I have been very consistent in my exercise routine through 2020, including a full body weight training that I do at least twice a week. I almost never do pushups, but it should not have been hard, right?

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Weekly Smile 58 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

It’s been a weird week so far and I haven’t gotten half as much done as I wanted to.  There are some large stones that I put into the jar first so at least I got a few things done (I don’t have room to talk about that time management paradigm).  One of the large rocks I literally lifted was exercise.  OK, that pun didn’t work as well as it should have, but still, I have been forcing myself to make time to run and to do weight exercises.  The thing is, it makes me feel great!  I never understand how “ungreat” I feel until I get back into the routine.  It takes a week or two to get back into it, but once I do I can’t figure out why I stopped (this time I stopped because i fell of a cliff, but that’s another story ;) ) Continue reading

Movement and Exercise


(This is the first in a new series about health and wellness issues.  I hope you enjoy.)

Most people will see the title of this and say, “Blah, why would I want to read about exercise and why would Trent even pretend to be an expert?”  Well, glad you asked.  Simple answer to the second part, I’m not.  A slightly more complicated answer, I have read a lot of opinions, have watched people and have participated myself.  Lately I’ve come up with my own theory about exercise and movement.  No, nothing Earth shattering, but it might be worth your while to take a read.

First, of course, I think everyone needs some form of exercise.  We were not designed to be sedentary.  We are designed to move and when we don’t move things happen to our health, and not good things.  But don’t be scared of the word “exercise”.  I’m not saying everyone needs to run marathons or has to bench press 100 kg.  I’m saying everyone needs to be active in some way or another.  There is a saying, “Sitting is the new smoking,” and moving is the way to quit sitting. Continue reading