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Fume #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

It seems that after all of my efforts, these experiments with biology, anatomy, chemistry and electricity came to naught.  The lifeless clay of my life’s work lay on the table, mocking my years of toil.

Adding insult to injury, Mrs. Kemph, the woman who straightens my living quarters, had dared to enter the lab and threw away a work in progress.  To say I was livid would be an understanding.

Walking through the village, my mind working out what went wrong with this latest experiment, I fumed as I couldn’t get past the dolt Mrs. Kemph. Continue reading

Inside Out #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

After working with the raw materials of life in the charnel houses, I discovered that there was more to the state of being alive than the simple physical constructs of bones, tissue and organ.  However, try as I might, I could not place it.  Modern science had not given me the secret and my instruments did not give me the power to look deeply enough to discover this secret.

It may seem obvious to the normal person that once a spark of life is created from a seed, be it the seed of a vegetable or the seed of an animal, the growth of that life is somehow predestine.  Each and every one is unique and it is impossible to mix and match between species, let alone members within a given species.  What is this germ of an idea that makes each life and individual?  I am a man of science and say it must exist in the structure of the matter, not just a God-given trait.  There has to be a scientific explanation for how this process works.

Yet science failed me. Continue reading

First Day Out (Frank 1!) – (Again)

First Day Out drawn by Trent P McDonald

This morning the doctor surprised me by saying I could go outside.  At last!  I long ago thought I was well enough to go out.  It’s been depressing to just sit looking out the window, but he does know best.  It’s possible I’ll be a little unsteady so he said he needed to chaperone me “for our mutual protection”.  I felt great and was able to give him the slip right away. Continue reading

Birthday Part 2 – A Frank Adventure


Part 10 – A New Life (AKA ‘Frank’)

I looked over at Dr. F. and was surprised to see that he also had tears in his eyes.

He smiled, a rare occurrence which I had just witnessed twice in as many minutes.

“Maybe you didn’t get the implications of all of this,” the doctor said. “I’ll tell you a little story.

“I wasn’t always a mad scientist,” he said. He looked at me. In the past I would have made a stupid comment at this point, but I could see he was serious. I nodded for him to continue. “No, I was a respectable man from a respectable family. Continue reading

Birthday – A Frank Adventure


Part 9 – A New Life (AKA ‘Frank’)

Wow, where does the time go? I’ve been spending at least ten hours every day going through the mountains of work Dr. F has given me and spend the rest of my waking moments studying. The doctor said he forgot that I’d started with a clean slate and so created a curriculum that began at a preschool level. I’ve been flying through everything and am up to undergraduate courses in most subjects. The doctor says I’m the first person in history to go from the rudiments of counting to differential equations in a little over two months.

Our little school helps with the monotony of my work. If you remember… oh, wait, I never told you about my work, did I? Continue reading

Fate – A Frank Adventure


Part 8 – A New Life (AKA Frank)

My dungeon wasn’t locked this morning. I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or a bad sign. Doctor F, of course, knows I can break out anyway, so perhaps he’s just saving me the trouble. I now see the doctor in a different light and I’m not ashamed to say I was shaking as I climbed the stairs for my appointment.

If you, my fictional reader, remember my last diary entry you would know that I was heading up to meet my fate. Continue reading

A New Life – Fresh Start

First Day Out

(A New Life 0 – see below)

AAAABBBBCCCC – Test, test. 1234567890 OK.  Hello?

Sorry. I’m just starting my journal and everything is so new. Dr. F. has been helping me with my language. Dr. F. is always looking out for my interests. I decided writing is the best way to practice since I’m currently pretty isolated – I’m sure you’re impressed with that word, “isolated”, since I just learned to write last week. I’m still learning to talk and language is just so new to me.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Continue reading



Part 7 New Life Series (AKA Frank)

I can’t believe how stupid I was. I should’ve seen it coming. Maybe I should’ve covered my tracks better. Perhaps I shouldn’t have downloaded the half a terabyte of books, pictures and video. A man’s got to learn, doesn’t he? Not that I’m human, but you know what I mean.

I’ll take you back to yesterday evening so you know my plight. Continue reading


FrankPart 6 of “A new Life” Series (AKA Frank)

I was chatting with some friends on line when one of them asked, “So Frank, where’re you from? You really don’t talk much about yourself.”

I couldn’t get out of it so I decided to go for a dramatic approach.

“The first thing I remember was waking up in a strange room. I could feel someone watching as I opened my eyes. A man was standing beside my bed. The look of pride and satisfaction quickly left only to be replaced by horror and revulsion. Putting his hand in his mouth he turned and fled. Continue reading