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The Transition of years Part 2: 2021

Warning, political rant ahead!

Happy 2021!  I know everyone is excited about this particular tick of the year.  Finally, at last, 2021!

Uhm, of course most of us know that nothing has changed overnight, right? 

The pandemic will get worse before it gets better – in the US many hospitals are at the saturation point, numbers will soar because of travel and gatherings, the death rate will increase from the already high 3000 a day (over 3700 on 12/30), the new strain is in the US and may rapidly spread, it takes over a month for the vaccine to work, it is possible immunity is short lived, etc., etc., etc….  We are not out of the woods.

And then there is the election thing.  A full one third of Americans think there was massive fraud and the election was stolen.  When Electoral College votes are counted, the Republicans are going to try to overthrow the results.  If that doesn’t work, there is still the possibility of Martial Law being called.  Tens of thousands of heavily armed people have sworn that they will start a revolution “to take back their country” if all else fails.  The chance for violence in our country is higher than it has been since the 1860s. Even if that doesn’t happen, that third of the people, feeling that they have been disenfranchised and that the government is no longer legitimate, will surely cause issues.

With more people currently dying of Covid-19 every day than died in the September 11 attacks (soon may be September 11 and Pearl Harbor 12/7/41 combined every day) and the threat of extreme violence on the horizon, the next few months may be, well, rocky…

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The Haunting

Snow Flower

In a movie
The past was a beautiful maiden
As young as spring
While future wore
The visage of death
A natural thought
In our march from cradle to grave
But is it right?
Isn’t the past now dead
The future the place of renewal?
When the dead past haunts
The living present
Where will our futures
Lead us?

The mood is neither dark nor hopeful.  This is just a question, a thought, as the past is remembered and the future pondered.  But I am in the now as I think about it.  For a moment,it collapses to the present and I am just me, here, neither good nor bad, I just am.

And you, what do you think?

Throwback Thursday Link Party – Future Job


I decided to join the Throwback Thursday Link Party hosted by Part-Time Monster, Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy  and  The Qwiet Muse   again.  The idea is to put up a link to a post that is at least 30 days old.  The other times I joined I went back exactly one or two years.  This time I picked something almost at random.

It is possible for almost every job to be automated out of existence.  As employers think of employees more as costs than as assets, it might not be that far down the road before your boss replaces you with a computer program or a robot.  This isn’t science fiction, it has been happening pretty much forever, but the rate of being replaced by technology is increasing exponentially.  In the past it was mostly manual labor, then blue collar.  Now white collar jobs and management positions are at risk.  If you are starting out in the world today, were do you see yourself in 20 years when 75% of job positions now available are gone?  That is something I looked at back in October of 2014.

Besides just my little blast fromthe past you should also go look at some others.  You can go to Diane’s Link Party  for a more formal invite, or Click here for Link-Up.

New Morning


A growing glow
Blood and fire sweeping
Across an Indigo sea
“Red in the morning”
They say
“Sailors take warning”
But I take not heed
For my heart thrills
Oh, the possibilities
Pink tendrils of steam
In front of lavender hills
Summer heat
Still rising
After a short summer night
I drive into the red as it shifts to fuchsia and orange
But the black behind just deepens
Thunderstorms follow
But they are life giving
Full of redeeming rain
To keep the world young and green
Making fresh, once again
Another day
A new day
And what does it have in store
For me
And for you?

Photo taken on way into work this morning

What Will be Your Job in the Future?

Handmade Craft Card

Handmade Craft Card

A few months ago there was an article on BBC that implied computers and robots may soon take over most jobs: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-27125728. Of course it’s been happening for a long time. Automobile assembly lines are now “manned” by robots while the rooms full of secretaries and clerks of yesteryear have all been replaced by computers. According to this article the trend will continue to accelerate.

The article states that already many very high level positions are being performed by computers. Board room decisions are too important to be made by fallible people. The speed of business is too fast for any human to keep up.  Today most business, at least in America, work on the thinnest of margins. They use automation to make the most out of the fewest employees. Most employees know that they have to work extra hard and longer hours since plenty of people are waiting to take their place. Everything is about cutting as much as possible to maximize short term profits. In an effort to gain an advantage companies constantly look for new technology to cut costs. Cutting costs always means cutting employees. Continue reading

So, What Do You Think?

A little over a week ago I was out back grilling dinner. It was one of those October days we dream about. The sky was a color blue only seen this time of year. The clouds weren’t fluff balls, they were solid objects with hard edges.

As I waited for the food to cook my mind was full of thoughts for the future. I may have an opportunity in my job and so I was thinking about it. I was also thinking about my dreams and wishes and about my fears. I was thinking of tomorrow and of what the next 20 years will bring. I wasn’t planning, per se, I was just running through my life as it exists and thinking about what may come. Continue reading