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The Gift #tanka

Dark presents

Rattle, roll and sway
I have gifts to grant away
Are you good or naught?
You push as far as you can
To figure out what I bought

What’s the sound it makes
Will it tinkle when it breaks?
Careful how you swing
Is it better to present
Or does ”getting” make you sing?


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.  This week the words were Give and Shake, but only synonyms are allowed.  I did a couple of rhyming “tankas”, sort of, almost ;)

Weekly Smile 49 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Every year a group in our town does a gift tree.  These days it is much more gift than tree, but originally the names (pseudonyms) and ideas were hung on a Christmas tree and people could grab “ornaments” of the names off of the tree.  What they do is find families that are down on their luck, find out what the kids want/need for Christmas and put it out to the community to help.  A name (actually a pseudonym so no real people are exposed) is written on a card with the gift idea.  This way all kids can have gifts for Christmas.

Typically our Lions Club sponsors a few families.  We distribute the cards with gift ideas and buy grocery store cards and gasoline cards for the parents.  This year most of the kids had gift cards as their gift choice.  I get it, in a way.  I have no idea what 8 year old Suzy wants to wear and she will most likely hate the sweater I get for her.  A gift card?  win-win.  I don’t have to stress and she doesn’t have to wear that awful thing I bought.  But gift cards are boring! Continue reading

A Smile A Day – Day 19 – Done


I am done, finished, complete.  No, not growing.  One way to look at that I was complete decades ago, another way to look at it I will not be finished until I am in my grave.  No, nothing as physical or metaphysical as that.  Well.  Hmm, did any of that make sense?  No matter, I am smiling because I am done.  I have finished Christmas shopping and i have finished wrapping presents.  No more.  It’s over.

Uhm, well, except for….

Darn, I guess not, but I’ll still smile : )