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Search Terms


Do you ever look at the search terms people have used to get to your blog? Unfortunately because of privacy you can only see a small sprinkling of them, but it is sometimes fun to dig through.

I’ll admit, even though I said “fun” in the last paragraph, the search terms I see are very, very boring compared to some that I’ve seen others laugh about on their blogs. Yeah, I’m jealous.  Well, not really since i don’t really want my blog to be seen as a psychopath’s hang out.  Having a pysho-writer is bad enough, I don’t need pyscho-readers too.

Most of the search terms I see are very boring. I get a lot for a kayak review I once did. In fact, Google “Jackson Journey 14 review”. Did you notice that the Trent’s World review is in the top 5? There have been times that no matter how I termed it, my review was at the very top of the Google search.  And, funny, I received over a thousand hits for my Kindle review over the first 3 days when I put it out, each search seeming to use a different search term (there are dozens).  After the first few days there have been absolutely zero. Not a single hit.  I literally dug through 50 pages of search results and it wasn’t there.  When I was getting a hit almost every minute I had looked and it was on first page.  Did Amazon complain and get it removed from search results? Continue reading