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Throwback Thursday – Swift’s Hollow


This is actually a double throwback event!  The very long snippet below was written in early 2010, so it’s six years old.  It was the start of a childhood memory about Swift’s Hollow, aka Gore Orphanage.  I’ve written about Gore Orphanage in the past and wrote a short story based on the legends.  As I said in the one post, it was a major part of my youth.  I had planned on a major rewrite of this little snippet, but I think it’s fun to look at it as I wrote it over six years ago, totally unedited.

— — —

It was a hot day.  Not the crisp, sparkling heat of July that makes you want to go out and enjoy yourself after the disappointment of the typical cool and bland Ohio Spring.  No, this was the dull, moist heat that only comes in August.  A dog-lazy heat.  In my child’s mind I always thought of the dog days of August as the days so hot and humid that nobody with any sense, not even a dog, would willingly go out.

Of course nobody ever accused an 11 year old boy of having any sense. Continue reading