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Happy Thanksgiving!

Although I write a lot about smiles, I don’t write much about gratitude or being thankful.  That’s not changing ;)  Oh well, I was off to such a good start here, and I blew it…..

Seriously, I know that I have a huge amount to be thankful for.  My entire life has been blessed in many ways.  I had a great childhood with great parents, both of whom are still with us.  I got along with my siblings and still do.  I was never social, but I have had, and still have, good friends.  I had a good education.  I have a good job.  I have had good health.  Still do!  I’ve seen and done a lot of things.  I’ve been to many places.  Had a very wide variety of experiences, many that most people will never have.  I often take these, and all of the other things that I didn’t mention (things, property, etc.) for granted.  I know that is bad and try not to, but I do.  i think we all do.  It is human nature, particularly for those of us who are doing well.  We forget.  or we don’t know. Continue reading

Three Things Thursday – Computers and Such


Image by Nerd in the Brain

This week I am once again joining Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things Thursday.  Yep, I’m going to talk about three things I’m grateful for this week and I won’t even mention the xxxxxx, well, you know.

Some of you may know that I lost my computer a couple of weeks ago.  I looked and looked and…  sorry, I should have said the computer crashed, the motherboard is fried and I can’t get the hard drive to spin up in another computer (yet).  So, yeah, no computer.  A couple of years ago I bought a very low-end laptop to keep down at the cottage on Cape Cod.  I went down and retrieved it right after the crash.  Of course, without that laptop I wouldn’t have been able to publish my… ooops, I said I wasn’t going to mention it.  So I’m thankful I had that.  Also, in the last couple of days I discovered more backup files.  Over all I lost a little less than one year of photos instead of three, as I had originally thought.  I am very grateful for that.  And yesterday the new baby, I mean computer, arrived!  So after 15 days I can start to set up the new computer!  I still have the laptop to work on until the new one is totally set up.  So I am grateful for the new computer!  Although that is three things, I’m going to count them as one, thankful about computer stuff. Continue reading

Thank You! – #1000speak

I love the beach...

Hey, thanks for reading this post! No, I really mean it, thank you. There are so many things you could be doing so it really means something to me that you are here. I know, I sometimes get bogged down in stats and see only raw numbers while forgetting that those numbers are really people; that the numbers represent thinking and feeling beings who have made the choice to spend some of their valuable time with me.  So, Thank You!

We say “thank you” all of the time, but how often do we really mean it? When the clerk at the store gives you the receipt and says, “Have a good day”, do you really mean that “Thank you”? When you sign your work emails with a “thanks” (perhaps 90% of the emails I send and receive have that), are you truly grateful to the recipient?

Real gratitude takes effort. Continue reading