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The Weekly Smile for the 25th of April, 2022 #weeklysmile

Hi all! Weird week. II did have a lot lined up for the weekend that I was going to write about, but it all fell through. Well, there was a misinterpretation and… You know how those things are. And then there is a lot of anticipation, and some worry, about the coming days. There were a lot of little things last week, but even there, not really stuff to talk about. So, anyway, well, I guess just life ;)

All of that being said…

Early Friday morning I went out for a walk. At the edge of town I saw a group of high school kids walking down the road. They were all wearing reflective vests and several had bright blue garbage bags. No surprises – our town is doing a post winter road cleanup – it started two weeks ago and ends next weekend where people can volunteer to clean up beside the roads now that all of the snow and such is gone.

I also noticed/didn’t notice that pretty much every student at the elementary school was outside. Well, it was a nice morning, if still a bit cool.

Oh, one piece of information you need to know – I live almost directly across the street from the town’s library. OK, a smile in itself there :)

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The Great Blue’s Blues (Video)

So Resa posted some photos of a great mural of a Great Blue Heron. Now, I love me those great blues, so I had to comment about it. And, of course, talking about “those blues”, the subject of The Blues came up. So, after some discussion, I knew I had to play Resa some blues.

Without further discussion, here is The Great Blue’s Blues:

(If you don’t see video below, click here)

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Photos from Late June and Early July, 2019

Immature red Tail Hawk flying over

I used to do a lot of photo posts, but haven’t put many up recently.  I have literally thousands of photos from 2018 and early 2019 that I have not even looked at let alone sorted and edited!  over the last week I broke down and looked at the last few.

I spent the last week of June on Cape Cod.  I worked half of the week and entertain guests, so I didn’t take a lot of photos that I can post, but there are a few, like this photo of my nephew fishing. Continue reading

Photos from Ohio – Early June 2017 – Mostly Eagles

Immature eagle flying

I spent a few days in Ohio back in early June.  This is a yearly trip to visit family.  And that’s what most of it was about – visiting.  Of course, part of the visiting where the “eagle hunts” with my father.  We did two of them: one to McGee Marsh and the other, more local to my parents, to Old Woman’s creek.

Even though we saw a lot of the same types of things as usual, there were a few special things.  Some I didn’t notice until I was looking at the photos.

I took quite a few pictures of a great Blue Heron in Lake Erie out at McGee.  Later I discovered that a snapping turtle was right next to the bird.  I can see the  head in almost a dozen photos.  Here is one.  Can you see it? Continue reading

Photos of Cape Cod, Mid May


Swan grooming itselfI always post a lot of photos from Cape Cod, and have done a late April post every year.  I wasn’t 100% happy with my late April photos this year, but I am a bit happier with the ones I took in mid May.

Last Monday I put up a post of waterfalls and mentioned a new camera.  These shots are the first shots I took on Cape Cod with the new camera. Continue reading

Images of Cape Cod – Early September 2016

Swan Family

Yes, only a couple of months late, I have finally had a chance to look through all of the photos from my trip to Cape Cod in early September.  OK, those who follow my blog know I am down there all of the time, but I am talking about a trip that lasted more than a week, a trip that had my parents spending most of that week of it with us.

Stormy Seas

It was a stormy week, with a hurricane coming at us.  There was some stormy weather, but then it fizzled out.  We spend a day at the beach watching in the rain as the waves lashed the shore.  There was actually some seals in the surf!  You can see one in the gallery below. Continue reading

A Few Birds I Saw in Ohio



I don’t have time to write anything.  These photos were quickly cropped but I didn’t have time to do anything else to them.  Obviously I didn’t take time to decide which were my favorites ;)  Well, I started with over 700, so I did cut the numbers down a bit.  Click on the pictures to bring up more detail – you’ll be glad you did!

Reminder – Weekly Smile 22 – #weeklysmile



We were on the way back from eating out when we decided to stop and try for one more chance of getting a good picture of the local eagles.  My dad and I had our cameras and my mom and my parents’ “Chinese Granddaughter” came along just to stretch their legs.  Actually, they had little choice since my dad and I had already decided to stop.

We saw a couple of eagles at a distance, but the setting sun was just in the wrong position, blotting out any view across the estuary.  Other people came and went, mostly walking through but stopping to see if they might get lucky and see an eagle or other sight. Continue reading

Photos from Ohio (Mostly Birds, Eagles)

Back in May I visited my parents.  Well, it was a little more than that since most of my immediate family was there.  Unlike normal people, I took few family pictures.  What I did instead was take pictures of wildlife.

When I was a kid there were few, if any, eagles in the area.  Now they are almost common.  Almost.  I’ve seen four or five at once.  Yes, half a dozen eagles at one time.  But that doesn’t mean every time I look up I see one, not by a long shot!  So part of the picture taking experience was finding eagles.  One was easy, since it was in a nest.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of the young chicks this year.  Nor did I get any taking off or landing. Continue reading