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The Gull’s Cry



Empty footprints on the wind cold beach
I call your name
My loudest voice but a whisper against the raging elements
I don’t expect an answer
For you are out of range of my voice
Out of range of my sight
Out of range of my heart
But I am answered
A call does echo my words
A lonely cry, plaintive sounding from the sky
A cry like the breaking of every heart under the sun
The tears of every forlorn lover speaking from above
Shielding my eyes from the scouring sand
I look up
A single gull posed against the wind
Shadows my move down the empty stretch of sand and surf
Another cry and it is gone
Flung to the distance by its sail wings
I trudge on
My voice muted in the shrieking wind
The cry of the gull a fading memory
All blown away
But the image of you


Footprints in the Sand - Cut Off

Footprints in the Sand – Cut Off



I was out on the kayak over the weekend.  Yes, I know it’s mid-November, but you have to remember that when I kayak in mid-November I have the waterway to myself.  On Sunday I took the Herring River in Harwich from the West Reservoir to Nantucket Sound and back, about a 10 mile round trip.  When I was out between the seawalls or jetties I saw something that is pretty common in this part of the world.  What I saw was a seagull dropping something onto the rocks of the jetty. Continue reading