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Only Human


Sometimes I get angry
I hate everyone in the world
I’m only human
You nod, aren’t we all, aren’t we all

And that’s just it, we are all human
With all that implies
And that shared humanity
The compassion and love
That’s all part of being
Only human
Every one of us, all

I try to live by the ideals
To tolerate all but intolerance
To hate only hate
To celebrate the differences
To embrace my neighbors near and far
But I’m only human
Aren’t we all?

If the world frowns at you
If you are surrounded by those that hate
Come and see me
And I’ll try to help
With what little I have
But I’m only human
But aren’t we all?

I Shared a Laugh


I shared a laugh
With a neighbor
A thousand miles away
I chatted amicably
With a friend
Across the sea
I wrote a silly verse
For a special one
Who lives around the world
The boundaries
State, national, cultural and religious
Melt away
Leaving only our shared humanity

I saw a sign
Of hate
In my town
I heard exclusion
From someone
In my state
I read about calls to violence
To all who are different
From my fellow countrymen
How can those so close to me
Be so far apart?

I shared a laugh
With friends
Near and far
I hope tomorrow
It won’t be a cry

A Thought for Today


Montrell Jackson recently said on Facebook that it was hard to be a black police officer in Baton Rouge.  In uniform some of the people he was trying to serve hated him but out of uniform some of his coworkers saw him as a threat (source – BBC).  Just a few days ago he also wrote, “These are trying times. Please don’t let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better.” (source CNN)  And, quoting CNN, ‘to all the protesters, officers, friends, family and neighbors in need of a hug or a prayer in Baton Rouge, he offered a promise: “I got you.”’  This was a good man and a good place to start healing between the black community and the police in a city still in shock over the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Montrell Jackson was gunned down by an angry young man who thought he was fighting a war against injustice.

A friend of mine attended a Black Lives matter protest in Manchester, NH.  It was a peaceful event and the protesters and police chatted and shook hands.  Off to the side there were several young white men carrying assault weapons.  They were the only ones not smiling, not shaking hands, not being friendly.  As the shooting in Dallas showed, the “Open Carry” folk don’t help, they actually make the problem worse if there is an active shooting incident.  These people didn’t care.  They were there to try to bully and intimidate black people.  They were there because of their racism, though I bet you $1000 that none of them consider themselves as racist. Continue reading

A Preamble or Just a Ramble?


I’ve been writing posts in my mind about issues and problems in America and around the world.  There are two problems – first, things are so complex 1000 words won’t even be a good summary and 1000 pages would barely scratch the surface.  I’m not going to write 1000 volumes….  The next thing is that every time I sit down to write, something comes up that makes my thoughts seem very insensitive.  Actually, that is part of the problem in itself – besides the fact that it shows that the hate and violence is spreading instead of slowing down, it also shows that everyone on all sides have a hard time seeing all points of view so no matter what I write, it will make someone angry, most likely because they will take what I say in a very different way than I meant it.  Of course, only an omnipotent being can see ALL points of view, but just trying to see the other side on occasion would go a long way towards solving the problems, even trying to understand the most extreme views.

There is so, so much more it’s hard to imagine where to even start.

One place is black and white thinking – I’m not talking about skin color, here is a hint: if you think there are two ways of looking at things, your way and the wrong way, then you are wrong.  With the exception of outrageous things like raping children, there is no pure, clean division between good and evil.  And then, of course, who defines what is outrageous?  Our society defines raping children as outrageous, but it wasn’t that long ago that our society defined interracial marriage as outrageous, an affront against God.  So perhaps even in the most outrageous things imaginable we need to look at all sides – understanding another’s point of view does not mean condoning it, and people who hurt others for any reason are always suspect, the more innocent the person they hurt, the more suspect.

Then there is fear.  There is so much fear in this world!  It is an uncertain place and there might be some bad things out there.  The future might not be bright and it all leads to death.  But fear, particularly unreasonable fear, is one of the biggest ills in this world.  Look at the word “terrorism”.  It means to make people afraid far beyond what is reasonable and to act on that fear.  Fear is something that many news sources use to drive your point of view.  Politicians use it all of the time and political parties base large parts of their platform on it.  I could write 1000 books, each 1000 pages long on this one subject – I think it is the driver behind much of what’s happening. Continue reading

And Our Voices Must be Heard! – #1000Speak


I’ve been very depressed about our society lately. I don’t read Facebook often, but every time I open it I see some hateful statement. Meme’s that imply all African Americans are lazy people who “steal” hardworking people’s paychecks in the form of welfare and taxes. I see bitter hatred against Muslims. After the tragic shooting in South Carolina the other night I’ve seen posts saying that that it wasn’t an act of terrorism but a tragedy that the people in the bible study group weren’t all carrying assault weapons like they should have been. I’ve even heard presidential candidates calling the act of terror an “accident”.

Turning to the news I see that across the world those who have are shaking their fists at those who have not instead of reaching an open hand to help them. I’ve seen the hatreds spreading, dividing the world into a new cold war. I see the extreme violence of ISIS. I have read reports that most US law enforcement agencies, from the FBI to small town police forces, feel there is a huge threat posed by extreme right wing, anti-government and racist groups, which is perhaps the reason that every time there is violence by someone on the far right I see so much more hatred aimed at Muslims – there are people who want to us to take our eyes off of the real threat. I have seen that 97% of scientist believe climate change is caused by humans and yet over half of the people in the US don’t believe it, that the vast majority of money in the world is owned by people whose special interest is served by ensure there are no changes. I’ve seen reports by several groups of scientist that unless we make changes humans will become extinct within the next 100 years. Continue reading