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The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018 #weeklysmile


This might seem like an odd smile at first, so stick with it to the end :)

Both of my parents had the flu in April.  It was bad.  When I saw them in August they were still not completely recovered and tired far easier than they had the year before.  In early October they were closer to their old selves.  It took a while!

A little over a week ago they became sick again.  Last Sunday my mom rushed my dad to the hospital.  He was running a very high fever and was very dehydrated.  When they tested the discovered that he did not have “the flu”, he had two different strains of flu at the same time!  They kept him over night.

I talked to him a few minutes on Friday and he sounded really good.  Last night he was even better.  As was my mom, who didn’t have it nearly as bad as he did.  They both said that despite the scare of last Sunday, they were not as sick as they were in the spring.  No where even close to that sick. Continue reading


Looking at me

Thanksgiving here in the US means a lot of different things to different people.  I think that all of us need to sit back and take in one of the meanings: a time to reflect and be thankful.  Sure, there’s a lot out there that seems totally awful, from barrel bombs filled with chlorine killing little kids in Syria to police under large corporation control soaking people trying to protect their water on a freezing night.  Sometimes we are angry or sad, but every so often we do need to sit back and think about what we have.  So today I will participate in the “Full Grown Nerd’s” (Ms. Emily) “Three Things Thursday” thankfulness linkup.


Obviously there is family.  As I’ve said often in the last week, I had a good visit with my brother this weekend.  I just got off the phone with my parents and will most likely talk to them again later in the day.  I’ll also talk to my sisters this afternoon.  I have a pretty good relationship to my family, even if I don’t see them often.  I know a lot of people whose relationship to their siblings and/or parents is very dysfunctional.  That is something to be thankful for. Continue reading

Movement and Exercise


(This is the first in a new series about health and wellness issues.  I hope you enjoy.)

Most people will see the title of this and say, “Blah, why would I want to read about exercise and why would Trent even pretend to be an expert?”  Well, glad you asked.  Simple answer to the second part, I’m not.  A slightly more complicated answer, I have read a lot of opinions, have watched people and have participated myself.  Lately I’ve come up with my own theory about exercise and movement.  No, nothing Earth shattering, but it might be worth your while to take a read.

First, of course, I think everyone needs some form of exercise.  We were not designed to be sedentary.  We are designed to move and when we don’t move things happen to our health, and not good things.  But don’t be scared of the word “exercise”.  I’m not saying everyone needs to run marathons or has to bench press 100 kg.  I’m saying everyone needs to be active in some way or another.  There is a saying, “Sitting is the new smoking,” and moving is the way to quit sitting. Continue reading